Quiet Riot

Kevin DuBrowLead vocals1973-2007
Randy RhoadsGuitar1973-1979
Kelly GarniBass1973-1978
Drew ForsythDrums1973-1980
Rudy SarzoBass1978-2003
Carlos CavazoGuitar1982-2003
Frankie BanaliDrums1993-2020
Alex GrossiGuitar2004-
Chuck WrightBass2012-
Scott VokounLead vocals2012-2013
Jizzy PearlLead vocals2013-2016: 2019-
Seann NicolsLead vocals2016-2017
James DurbinLead vocals2017-2019
Johnny KellyDrums2020-

Quiet Riot Artistfacts

  • Quiet Riot is a classic Glam-style Heavy Hetal band that formed in Los Angeles in 1973. They've since broken up and reformed (or taken breaks) in odd spurts every few years, so it's difficult to say if they're still considered active or not. At least 23 musicians have played in the band, including three that have died: Kevin DuBrow, Randy Rhoads, and Kenny Hillery.
  • The most long-standing member of the group was lead vocalist Kevin DuBrow, who was with the band almost constantly from 1973 until his death in 2007. At DuBrow's funeral, a friend placed a dragon sculpture on his casket in tribute to DuBrow's affinity with dragons.
  • Original member Randy Rhoads left Quiet Riot to join up with Ozzy Osbourne's band and completed two well-regarded albums with Ozzy as lead guitarist before dying in one of the most famous freak airplane accidents in rock history. Rhoads was killed when he went up in a small plane piloted by their tour bus driver, who crashed when attempting to buzz the tour bus.
  • Bassist Rudy Sarzo also left Quiet Riot to join Ozzy Osbourne's band at Rhoads' recommendation, then came back to Quiet Riot after Rhoads' death. During his time with Quiet Riot, he was in a lot of MTV videos and achieved a bit of fame on his own after leaving Quiet Riot to form his own group M.A.R.S.
  • In an interview for Greg Prato's book MTV Ruled The World - The early years of music video, Rudy Sarzo mentions that MTV was fundamental to the success of "Cum On Feel The Noise," saying: "I would say that everybody that had a cable system watched MTV, and our video was on every half hour. We went to number one, and we had to bump off 'Thriller' to get to number one."

    Sarzo also confides in the same book the experience of performing in the 1983 Us Festival (the one hosted by Steve Wozniak in San Bernardino). Still covered in sand and dust from an El Paso concert, the band maneuvered to California with a skeleton crew and almost limped into the festival while everybody else was helicoptered in. Sarzo's guitar was knocked out of tune and he didn't have time to fix it before stage time, so if you listen to both "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Metal Health," you can hear the bass guitar's faulty tuning.
  • "Cum on Feel the Noize" was the band's most successful single (#5 on the Billboard Hot 100, 1983). The song was written and originally recorded by British Glam Rock band Slade, and released in 1973. Quiet Riot's version actually boosted sales of Slade's original a decade later.


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