Even If I Don't

Album: Chesapeake (2011)
  • This is a single from indie singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata's third studio album, Chesapeake. The lighthearted video traces the path of a romance between two completely different creatures, a lion and a rabbit. It was directed by her half brother, the actor Josh Ruben. "I wanted to stray from the traditional way to tell a relationship story and yet still reference the bittersweet nature of a pair that falls in love, but must split for their very natures are at odds with one another," Yamagata told Spinner. "We want so badly to make things work, but sometimes we've got to settle for as much a we can get for a time. The lingering feeling always remains... The costumes were insanely hot and we got some odd looks from the neighbors. [It's the] first wardrobe that I didn't feel self-conscious in. Ha!"


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