Kid A

  • According to Thom Yorke, "Kid A" is his vision of the first cloned baby. The song is about technology - both the possibilities and dangers. Much of the Kid A album, questions what it means to be a human being in the context in which every relationship is mediated by technology and technical rationality. The song could be called "The Robot Child's Lament." >>
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    James - Dartmouth, Canada
  • Sleeve artist Stanley Donwood told NME that Kid A's album artwork was inspired by a photo of the war in Kosovo, which ended in 1999. He added: "The overarching idea of the mountains was that they were these landscapes of power, the idea of tower blocks and pyramids."

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  • Nathalia Juliana from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilI dont now, i see this song like a cute human baby abducted by some aliens and the aliens have to care about the baby, or even a cute little alien baby being observed by these aliens. i dunno
  • 8 Bit Orgy from Inverness, FlThis song feels like an alien abduction. Imagine a stereotypical "grey" alien silently standing in your bedroom at night; now read the lyrics.
  • Cryssie from El Paso, TxThis album seems to bring up kids a must mean something hmmmmmmmm
  • Alex from Huffman, Txthe line that supposedly says "andrew little must be shot" is in the beginning, when he says "i slipped away on a little white lie"
    when i listened to it, i didnt think it really sounded like that...
    but you be the judge.
  • Weslee from Hartsburg, IlI would have to say that the last lines of Rats and children follow me out of town sounds like a reference to The Pied Piper of Hamelin....Don't know why he threw that in there, but why not.
  • Dan from Sydney, AustraliaStanding in the shadows at the end of my bed...

    Damn, that's such a simple line but very creepy.
  • Ash from Mooroopna, Australiawho's Andrew Little? im definitely gonna listen to it backwards... are u sure? which bit?
  • Max from Sydney, Australiaaaron what part of the song (sing the lyrics that is says that) and i'll see
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesI think that Radiohead were undergoing a bit of a change in direction when they releazed the Kid 'A' album. The high-octane guitrs of their previous releases was replaced by more of a techno-esque art-rock feel, reminiscent of the complex soundscapes of Rush's music in the early to mid-1980s
  • Aaron from Westfield, NjIf you play this song backwards, you hear Thom York say "Andrew Little must be shot," you dont even have to listen that carefully, its really bizarre.
  • Kendrick from Philadelphia, PaJohn Mayer did a cover of this song. Its interesting and can be found on file sharing networks.
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