All I Know (My Heart)

Album: Love Sex Passion (2015)


  • DeVaughn explained the song's meaning to The Boombox: "I am basically telling the chick, 'I love you like you love the dude you are with,'" he said. "The response that I get from the song is that women want to hear men being vulnerable."
  • The song's music video stars Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton, who were all actors in 50 Cent's Starz original TV series, Power. DeVaughn serves as the narrator for the clip, which tells the story of a love triangle.

    DeVaughn revealed in a Facebook post the inspiration for the song and video came from Power. He added that the content came from a time in his life when he, "played the nonfictional leading man."

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  • Patrick Green from Winston-salem Nc.Beautiful song Rah and you sing it so well Rah but the author of this song was a confused young man who thought he knew it all about this relationship he was having with a young woman. Yes she did have a boy friend but the boyfriend was the last thing he was worried about. The young man who wrote this song was sure that he ruined his young loves life because he believed he got her pregnant. He wanted her to have his baby but he didn't give her a choice. He felt awful, he felt that he confused her, he complicated her life, all for love. The triangle of love is just the progression people go thru falling in love. 1, wanting, 2 then needing, 3 and then finally loving. And all he knew was he loved her as much as she would love her son the first time she held him and looked into his eyes. The songs author realized she would love her son like she never loved nobody and then she would know how deep his feelings were for her. But tragically she would never understand him or how he felt. He thought that he might die, hence him saying. "There's no turning back now that my heart has chosen you." or the crushing closing when he says I wish it never chose you. This was written from a lonely, hurting place, it means so very much. Your moan, are almost haunting because it almost feels like you understand. The author of this song almost lost his life, thought that he was destine to do so and left his heart one final message that he hoped she would one day hear. This song is beautiful...
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