Album: Rosenrot (2005)
Charted: 58
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  • In this song, Till talks about how he'd rather have gasoline (Benzin) than anything else. It's a comment on how the world in general is using up oil like there's no tomorrow. >>
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    Oliver - Oak Ridge, TN
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  • Sofia from Guadalajara, MexicoI don't know.. I first interpretated it as if we wanted to build an emotional bonfire to burn all things up. He mentions "Kein Heroin kein Alkohol kein Nikotin
    Brauch keine Hilfe, kein Koffein" which means "Don't need heroin nor alcohol nor nicotine, I don't need help nor caffeine". Most people take cover in drugs, alcohol, or other things when they're in pain.. but I think instead of hiding his emotions, Till wants to get rid of them, burning them. "Willst du dich von etwas trennen
    dann musst du es verbrennen. Willst du es nie wieder sehen; lass es schwimmen in Benzin" "If you want to part with something then you have to incinerate it. If you never want to see it again, let it swim in petrol". I don't know, it's just my ranting. Got the lyrics and translations from Herzeleid.
  • Bella from PretoriaI also think it's about a pyromaniac.Then again I can't speak German,but Rammstein uses fire in a lot of their songs.I saw on making of one of their songs (can't remeber which one) that they said they are kind of pyro. Not literally real pyros,but they dig fire.In the music video they are firemen.
  • Tony from Colorado Springs, CoTill says "Ich brauche Oel fuor Gasoline..."
    Gasolin is not a german word, but an english word "made" German. However there was a petroleum company in Germany called "Gasolin" but it only lasted about 30 years.
  • Bre from Welland, CanadaBenzin, sais rammstein, is an ode to all of the fire in their shows.
  • Kai from Neuss, GermanyOliver is right about the word. However, i think the meaning of the song is about an Pyromaniac, who just loves to set things on fire. not sure though, since rammstein is even for a german interpretable.
  • Jay from Assen, NetherlandsIn "german benzin" is mainly used for cars and stuff like oliver said, what paul said isn't correct..
  • Oliver from Oak Ridge, TnTrue, however "Benzin" is used in Germany in the same way that "Petrol" is used in England, or "Gas" is in the States.
  • Paul from Northampton, EnglandIn response to oliver, i might note that the word "Benzin" is very similar to the chemical benzine, a highly carcinogenic chemical found in Crude Oil, and used to denature cleaning aclohol (so the manufacturer pays no alcohol tax)...
    more a note on the german language, heh.
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