Du Hast

Album: Sehnsucht (1997)


  • Although the German phrase does not translate to English, "Du hast" can mean "you have," but it can also mean "you hate." Therefore the song has two meanings. One being sort of "You hate me but still want to marry me" (the song is about marriage) and the other being "You want to marry me but I don't want to." >>
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    Oscar - Stockholm, Sweden
  • There is another sort of double meaning here. If the line is read as "Tod der Scheide" it would be "until the death of the vagina" and not "until death, which would separate" ("Tod, der scheide"). The whole song is a play on German wedding vows (Wollen Sie einander lieben und achten und die Treue halten bis dass der Tod euch scheidet? - Do you want to love and respect each other and to remain faithful, until death separates you?). Instead of answering with "Ja," Till says "Nein," finally answering the question he said nothing to in the beginning. >>
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    Jason - Elko, NV
  • "Hast" is a conjugation of the base form "haben" which means "to have." To hate, would be the verb "hassen" which would be conjugated as "Du hasst mich" (you hate me). Though they are similar they are not homophones in that the S sounds in "hasst" for "hate" would be stressed a little more then it would in "hast" for "have." This is confirmed when Till says, "Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nights gesagt," which literally means "You have asked me and I have said nothing. "Hast" is used as the "haben" helper verb for the past participle "gefragt," of which its base form is "fragen," which means "to ask." >>
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    Scott - Vincennes, IN
  • This song is played in the movie How High featuring rap artists Red Man and Method Man >>
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    Steve - Kitchener, Canada

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  • Havok211 from Vancouver, WaI just gotta say, after over 20 years of listening to this song, I’ve just now learned what they are singing about and it makes the song just a little less bad ass lol
  • Ed from Kentucky An American, who spent 20 years in Berlin, from 1990-2010, watching Rammstein grow. "Du hast", means "you have" Hast, haben hatte = have, have, had. Hasst (which was changed a few years ago from Habt, means hate. "Du hast mich gefragt und ich habe nichts gesagt" "You have asked me and I have said nothing" When translated word for word . We would just say, you asked and I said nothing. But that's German for you. Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache.
  • Kendra from Anderson, ScRammstein is featured singing Du Hast in the movie xXx with Vin Diesel.
  • Nebelfeuer from Berlin, GermanyThe problem is the translation into english (I'm german) but it's not complicated if you good enough to translate in english.
    I try, lets see.


    Mention, the first word: one S! the second: two S!

    Hate = Hass
    to hate = hassen
    you hate = du hasst (mention two S)

    Have = haben
    (to have for example ist "zu haben)
    you have = du hast (mention one S)

    so it's a bit psychedelic to difference it in englisch. in german you can't hear the diffrence in the sound between "du hast" (like: you have)
    or like "Du hasst" (meaning, you hate)

    because of the scence of the total lyrics of this song "hate and have" changes meanwhile but still makes scence.

    "du hast mich gefragt". This absolutly with no other interpretation means: "you had ask me"

    By the way. "du hast" the song is called, means absolutely you have. This is the diffrence:

    du, du hast, du hast mich. ( you, you have, you have me.)
    du, du hasst, du hasst mich (you, you hate, you hate me.)
  • Chris from Columbus, OhI only read a few of the comments so I can't say much about everyone's comments but I have the copy of Sehnsucht that has Du Hast sung in English & they are clearly saying "You hate me to say & I did not obey" so I have no clue in hell where everyone's getting stuff like "You have asked me & I said nothing" cause regardless of what language any of you speak or know if you claim there saying "You have asked me & I have said nothing" then your wrong & if you were to actually listen to the English version you'd see that.
  • Janina from Colone, GermanyHallo, i am a German Girl from Colone, and I read all your comments to the song "DU HAST". Really funny to read, for someone who grows up with the German language. So here is the hole Song with English meaning behind it...I hope you understand it. Ach ja... Scheide = Vagina / Scheidet= old word in German for seperate.

    Du, = you
    du hast, = you hate
    du hasst mich, = you hate me

    Du, = you
    du hast, = you hate
    du hasst mich, = you hate me

    Du, = you
    du hast, = you hate
    du hasst mich, =you hate me

    Du, = you
    du hast, = you hate
    du hasst mich, =you hate me
    du hasst mich =you hate me
    du hast mich gefragt =you have asked me
    du hast mich gefragt =you have asked me

    du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt! =you have asked me and I have said nothing

    Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage? =Do you want to (the marriage) untill death separates you and be faithfully to her for all days?

    NEIN! = NO
    NEIN! = NO

    Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage?
    =Do you want to (the marriage) untill death separates you and be faithfully to her for all days?

    NEIN! = NO
    NEIN!= NO

    And the same again....

    Du, ...you
    du hast, ...you hate....
    du hasst mich,.....you hate me

    du hast, and so on bla bla...
    du hasst mich,

    du hast,
    du hasst mich,
    du hasst mich
    du hast mich gefragt
    du hast mich gefragt
    du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt!

    Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treue sein für alle Tage?
    = Do you want to =(Do you want to have this marriage?) untill death separates you and be loyal for all days?


    Willst du bis zum Tod der Scheidet, sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen?

    =Do you want her, untill death separates you.And also love her during bad days? (That means: Love her in good and bad times)


    Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet, treue sein für alle Tage?
    = Do you want her, untill death separates you and be loyal for all days?

  • John from New Orleans, LaThe du Hast in Rammsteins song "Du hast" is referring to You have me. He is talking to his girlfriend in the song. She is questioning him about his love for her. He sings the song in a way saying you already have me. This information come from a german friend, while i was stationed in Rammstein Airforce base.
  • Nick from Langhorne, Paat around 1:21 to 1:24 in the song flake screws up the piano part and adds another note
  • Tom from Marble Falls, ArI speak some German, and I can see where it sounds like, "You hate", but the sentence makes more sense if he says, "You have". Also, "Tod der Scheide" comes right out of traditional German wedding vows, just like the English "till death do us part". In English, the song's words seem a little trite, but most songs when translated often do, since different countries find deeper meaning and good songs from different things.
  • Joe from Chicago, Ili like this song,i think the meaning of the lyrics need to be taken in context with the video.when they say hast they use emotion which infers anger.The women is a painted women a seducer and a manipulator of mens lust.All the men in the barn have one thing in common.They have all been with her and tainted by her.She sends the new lover in to kill the old boyfriend.Once he gets in the room and see's that all have had her he realizes that she is an evil seducer.The man burning is what she envisions will happen to her new lover which in actuality doesn't occur.He realizes that as she betrayed the others his fate with her would be no better.Remember betrayal starts with a kiss in the passion play.Just like judas her fate ends badly.
  • Zach from Spokane Valley, WaJust one thing, no offense, Gary from Round Rock, but the case used in, for example, "und ich hab nichts gesagt" is, if you want to use the German name, "Prasens Perfekt", or Present Perfect. It translates into "I have not said anything", or close enough, and simple past is "I said nothing". However, you are correct, the verb "hassen", or "to hate" has no meaning in present perfect tense, while "haben" or "to have" does. In the indicative second person singular form, haben and hassen are hast and hasst, respectively.
  • Jackie from Virginia Beach, VaI have just two things: One, I hate most all songs when translated. That goes for German to English, Japanese to English, or any other translation. I may make exception if the singer is either a native or nearly native speaker of the language translated to, but I'd rather understand from the feeling of song in its native language than translated. Words are music and vice versa (or should I translate that?). Ladysmith Black Mombazo is one example. I don't know what they are saying, and I don't need to know to appreciate it. Classical Opras are another example. My other, much smaller, point is to saying Rammenstein is good because they were nominated for a Grammy. My only comment there is "Millie Vanilli". 'nuf said. They are good because they are, or bad because you don't like them. What I have heard kicks.
  • Kim from Pittsburgh, PaThe "English version" is not a direct translation, which is probably why there is such confusion. And thanks Zach and whoever else said it--Du Hast is SUPPOSED to be a play on words between you have/you hate, which makes sense if you directly translate the German lyrics.
  • Rob from Tucson, United Statesok..this has probably already been posted, but I am too lazy to read all your guys's bull. So here goes. "Du Hast" actually means "You Have." It is a play on words because when spoken and not read, sounds exactly like "Du Hasst," Meaning "You Hate." The Chorous is "Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt", Meaning "You have asked me and I have said nothing." The whole song is a clever play on German Wedding Vows. Being both an avid Rammstein Fan, and someone who speaks fluent German, I think I know what I am talking about.
  • Coltan from Rome, GaThe Du Hast CD single featured an English version of the song, which used the "You Hate" translation.
  • Gary from Round Rock, TxHm. I honestly hate the argument that the song is saying, literally, "you hate me," in most instances. It is possible for Till, to, indeed be saying du haßt, instead of du hast in many instances, but any time that the simple past tense occurs, I.E., gefragt (ge+third person conjugation of verb, in most cases), that makes it impossible for it to truly be hate. So, assuming that one is using the simple past, I forget the true term for it, I think it's the indicative past, yet I'm not sure, it's easy to notice that, it is indeed, referring to having, rather than hating.
  • Shane from Martin, Tni agree with u Thomas i am also German by heritage and i also speak german.my 2 fav songs by rammstien are prob the most common...du hust and fiure frie(prob misspelled)most do not appreciate the work that some of us take into learning german and speaking it fluently and the wat is sounds is beutiful at the least. my bloodline speaks for itself.100% of my family have alot of german blod in them i am almost 100%germ im like 20% some indian and irish...i am the only one in my school that talks in german and it is so fun to cus people out in it lol... if anyone whants to help me increase my vocabulary in german and tell me more cuss words i would be greatfull...my E-mail is kylum1990@yahoo.com. most of the songs i have heard i have coppied to my computer at home ...i am curently buying them all on itunes but its a bi**... i have a license so i can download all i want :D...
  • Thomas from Anacortes, WaDaryll is the type of person who makes me ashamed to be American. I love Rammstein, especially "Du Hast" and "Reise Reise". Anybody who does not like the osund of German, even if you can't speak it (I can), is a fool. The language in itself is just pure beauty...mixed with steel, in the case of Rammstein. You gotta love these guys. I'm German by Heritage and proud!

    Just to re-post what has been said here 100 times, this song's double meaning makes it artful in that every fan interprets his or her own way. I am personally part of the "You have" as opposed to "you hate" groups, but whatever, this debate was most likely intended.
  • David from Dresden, Germanyif you like german metal, you should laso listen to "In Extremo" and "Die Apokalyptischen Reiter" (they have great lyrics).
  • Rammx from Bangalore, IndiaHave you seen the video of Du hast... probably tht may throw more light to this discussion.. the video starts like this...'a man & a woman travel in a car and reach a warehouse on a suburb..Now if you closely take a look at the expressions on their face - its more of curiousity and the woman holds it more!.. the man kisses her and leaves the car... he carries a pistol with him and walks towards the warehouse. Inside he finds different men with masks on.. he confronts them, grips the pistol and then, there is a pause... all the other men remove their masks and to everyone's excitement they all begin to cheer!.. this man now seems relaxed and he forgets about the pistol... all men start merry-making and by doing so they burn a effigy/ a living man as it is portrayed in the video.. now he joins with the other men and walk out of the warehouse.... the woman in the car looks at him shocked and helpless... but he keeps walking along with them and moves away..
  • Kai from Neuss, GermanyDanke Cecily, danke Erik, für eure Kommentare, und allen anderen auch. Und damit auch Darryl alles versteht, weiter in englisch...a little bit of final words to the "du hast"-matter: The original lyrics say "Du Hast" which means "You Have". But: If you hear "Du Hast" sung, it sounds exactly like "Du Hasst" which means "You Hate". Rammstein intended the double meaning, which is prooved by the official translation. everything clear?
  • Cecily from ---, RiOkay people, this is mostly an argument over the meaning of the lyrics with some twists thrown in (rascism against Germans, for example). I don't know all that much about the German language even though I am German, so I can't tell you what it means. I can see both points, you have me and you hate me, but to me, you have me makes more sense. Darryl, I respect all people's opinions, but I just want to say what I think about what you put, you said you didn't like Rammstein, because "They don't even speak English...". Maybe there's some other reasons why you don't like them involvled there, but why did you say that it was because they prefer to sing their songs in their first language? To me that is just being dumb. I figured some of it out, because some words are really similar and obvious, but for the most part I've got no clue what their saying. I still listen to them. They have so much feeling in the music alone, and German fits the style and true feel of their music better anyways. Besides, they do speak English, just not very well. You need to figure out that English is not the only language in the world. I'm really good with learning other languages quickly and Dutch, German, and French are the ones I'm most interested in. I'm not sure if you try to learn other languages,but from what you put, it seems like you're saying people who can't speak English are stupid, or are at a lower status than people who do speak English. But, think of what people who speak, say Dutch, of people who can't speak Dutch? Do you think they say "Oh, those people are stupid, they don't speak Dutch"... Language has nothing to do with intelligence, so get it through your head that "They don't even speak English" is not a good excuse foe disliking them. And if you don't like them, why are you posting? I do listen to Metallica and I used to listen to Green Day, but I think that now they are way too over-played, and some people are creepily obsessed with Green Day, and in the case of my friend Caleb, some people's like for Green Day can just be disgusting... Why do you say that Rammstein has no structure or meaning? Maybe it has none to you, because you are too closed-minded to actually take time to look up the lyrics, or read what other people have posted saying what they think the lyrics are. Then again, if you did understand the lyrics translated, maybe you just wouldn't be able to really get the true meaning of it...
  • Logan from Durham, Nhi dont understand this im sure the band is pretty good but im just ignorant
  • Edgar Covarrubias from Mexico,guadalajara,jalisco, CaCalled me mexican whatever but I am a RAMMSTEIN bESTEST FAN bECAUSE I READ ALL HIS FACTS AND ALL THERE CONCERT BUT I WENT RIGHT THERE TO THERE CONCERT number 1# AFN OF YOU JACJASSIS sO [DU HAST MESH. mE PUEDEN LLAMAR MATUTA O BETO O Edgar Alberto Covarrubias.

    VIVA GUADALAJARA, JALISCO Mexico Diego sandoval de fitch de seasid e sucks
  • Matt from Saugus, MaIf you want a site with really good translations of Rammstein songs check out Herzeleid.com. I believe the guy who runs it used to be a translator for the band; either way, he's fluent in both German and English, and his translations are correct nearly one hundred per cent of the time.
  • John from Mountain Lakes, NjThat's the point
  • Katie from New York, NyThe meaning of Du Hast, from the English version, is "you, you hate, you hate me. you hate me to say, you hate me to say, you hate me to say and i did not obey." Now I don't know crap about German, but I still love rammstein.
  • Alex Pericleous from Ohio, ScIthought there was only one name forhast and it meant hate but what do I Know Im an American and proud of it
  • Siffeler from Perth, AustraliaYere just like stein um stein. Some people say that that could be about the berlin wall as well which makes sense if you connect it with the lyics
  • Zzzzzzzzzz from Sweden, SwedenDid you ever think that it could also be about "the marriage" between East and West Berlin/ Germany?! And yes, everything in German has double meanings - that is the art & beauty of it! ;)
  • Erik from Norfolk, Mahaha sorry ERMS, my intetention by saying that darryl was bush supporter was to say that he was ignorant, which im sure is exactly what you interpreted it as. I, however, stand firm in my initial statement. Ready, if a=b and b=c then a must equal c. Therefore, since darryl = ingnorant and bush supporters = ingnorant, darryl, by that theorem, must be ignorant. i now feel that i have explained my comment and i do not need to add anymore. Sorry man,Bush supporters are ignorant. What can i say, bush has done NOTHING for us, apart from put us in plenty of debt, and if you want to hear the rest, look under bulls on parade under rage against the machine. thank you very much, goodnight, rammstein rules, especially sehnsucht, god i love that song.
  • Erms from Marietta, GaDarryl was wrong to say what he said but people are entitled to their own opinions if hes a racist to Germans than thats his problem. I personally love this song and i AM a bush supporter. What does political opinion ahve anything to do with Music? you really dont make any scence to me.
  • Brett from SydneyPopulation (year 2000): 66,277, Est. population in July 2002: 67,821 (+0.4% change)
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    just a few facts about Gastonia a small town in North Carolina come on everybody dont pick on Darryl & Zac its eazy to see why they think the way they do
    cheers Brett
  • Sam from LondonDarryl,
    Rammstein do speak english. Not very well. Do you speak german? No, I don't think so. SO why would you sing in german if you don't know it? You wouldn't. PLus, Rammstein have made their lyrics creative and it adds to the mood of the music and how dare you be racist like that to germans?!?!?! I am german. So if you hate Rammstein so much, why are you here? STOP POSTING! and btw I love all rammstein songs =D
  • Matt from Lab City, CanadaAnother translation of this says:
    Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nich gezagt:
    You have asked me, but I did not answer.
  • Siffeler from Perth, AustraliaHow can you say rammstein dosnt put structer and meanings into thier songs. They write they lyics like poems and have very deep meanings if u take the time to analise it and try and work out wot the song is about. Take stein um stein for example i thought it just about a guy that didnt like some 1 so u build a brick wall around him. But its actully more about when a man is n love and he is afraid of losing her he can really hurt her and begin not to care about her own feelings providing she stays with him. He wants to wall her in to make sure she cant escape him and she will stay forever
  • Paul from Superior, WiOk, that comment about him being a Bush supporter made me giggle definitly, but just because this guy has bad taste in music doesn't make him a stupid Bush supporter. Anyways, I totally agree with Jared. Why sing in a language tat is foreign to you just to accomodate to americans? That would be pretty much selling out if you ask me. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents.
  • Jared from Superior, WiDarryl just because they speak a different langauge and you don't understand it doesn't mean they dont have structure to their songs if you ever look up the translated version you see they are very much like green day or metallica. they just have their own style like any other band and they sing in greman cause thats where their from. if you had a band would you sing in german or in your native toung
  • Karol from Toronto, CanadaWho wouldn't want to listen to metal in German? It sounds so much cooler than in English, and besides, German makes grammatical sense.
    I don't see why anyone would refuse to listen to music solely because the language is foreign...the only problem, though, is that figuring out what it means and/or looking up lyrics just to sing along is a pain in the ass...you cxan't really ad lib a language you don't know...
  • Karen from Roanoke, VaWell, anyway, this is one of my favorite German bands (I'm an American but fluent in German) but not the best. If you like Rammstein, I suggest checking out Oomph! I think they're a better metal band, personally. Their early work sucks and is mostly experimental, but their newer albums--the ones within the last five years, say--are excellent! Oh, and Darryl: Rammstein can speak English. I can think of at least one of their songs ("Stripped") which is sung entirely in English.
  • Adrian from Little Rock, ArRammstein was nominated for a Grammy for this song, so anyone who thinks that they're a terrible band really has no idea what they're talking about. The last time I checked, being nominated for a Grammy meant you were damn good as far as the music business is concerned.
  • Steven from Harrison, OhThis song is great, that would be the craziest wedding ever, instead of running off, just saying no right in their face.
  • Justin from Fort Worth, TxThats right cuz I tryed translating the song with my aunt and she thought hast ment hate and that made me think "Du hast mich" ment "you hate me" but "you have me" makes more sence with the wedding vow deal. Most of my family speaks German cuz wer from there but even they get confused.
  • Michael from Santa Rosa , CaHas anyone even thought about contacting the band and just asking them what they meant? Or is it just the fun of guessing that keeps you going?
  • Kirstie from Topeka, Ksif you listen really carefully to the song it sounds like hes saying both hasst and hast wich would mean hes saying you have me and you hate me all at the same time...damn english translation! i like untranslated better!!!
  • Zach from Pemberton, NjFirst, lets start from the beginning.

    Du Hast = You Have
    Du Hasst = You Hate

    The whole song is a play on the two German words. When you hear the terrible excuse of a translated song - Du Hast (English) it becomes You Hate. Why? Because "You Have Me" does not sound correct to English.

    "Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt."

    In case of any descrepncy (sp?)

    "You have asked me and I said nothing."

    "Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheide"


    "Want you, until death seperates us" (Translated for American English)

    Willst does NOT mean will. Werde is will.
    Wollen is the infinitive (I think thats the word)
    Scheide = Vagina or Sheath

    Here is where the Capitalization comes into play. If not, it would be to seperate but at the end he does not say vagina. It is still the same scheide throughout the whole song.

    He then follows it up with Treu ihr sein, which will translate to "Faithful you guys are?" he never says "Do you want to until the vagina dies"

    It is actually....

    "Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheide"
    "Want you, until the death us seperates"
    "Do you want, until death seperates us"

  • Ian from New York, NyGerman is a better language for metal then English is. That's one of the reasons Rammstein has as much of a punch as they do. Erik you rule, you summed up everything i was planning to say to these morons.
  • Mofo K from Bath, EnglandErik, I love you. Thankyou for explaining to this little twerp. Oh, and also thanks to everyone who explained the mix up between Hast and Hasst. Man, I love German.
  • Maud from Borgloon, BelgiumI'm with you on this, Eric.
  • Erik from Norfolk, Ma10 dollars says darrel is a bush supporter, one of the millions who are contributing to the HORRIBLE condition this country is in right now, but that is beside the point. Darrl, come on now, have you thought about what you posted here: and i quote "Rammstein just sucks. They don't even speak english." First of all they do speak english, they choose not to because they are german. Second of all the songs sound a lot more badass than if they were to have sung it in english. Thirdly you are a prototype of why the world hates america, maybe you are proud of that, i know some who are, but to most of the people in the world, you just make yourself look like an ingnorant fool. You are saying that just because they dont speak english, that they suck. Yeah that makes perfect sense, almost as much sense as going to war with iraq to get a little oil and to revenge bush's dad's assasination attempt, right darryl, or do you still believe bush is right just because he speaks english, that makes him good right.......ponder that one........ by the way, im sure you took a foreign language in school, lets say it was spanish, if you were to make a band, would you sing in spanish...i didn't think so, so why should rammstein sing in their second language. The united states of america is not the only country in the world buddy, nor should it be, the world would be a horrible place if it was. Just accept that there are other countries in the world and i dont care if you hate them, just dont go there if that is the case. Try to help the world out and stop being an ignorant self obsessed united states citizen, rather be one that thinks about the world, rather than just his own country and at least respects it, it being the world.
  • Maud from Borgloon, BelgiumSo, darryl, you only listen to music that has English lyrics? How narrow-minded!!!
    English is NOT the most important language in the world and most certainly not the most beautiful one.
    Hey, if you don't like Rammstein, don't listen to them. But leave us alone. Us = the people who do like Rammstein and who ARE openminded. Who do understand German, (cause that's the only reason you don't like it, just because you don't know it.)
    So keep your comment to yourself if you "don't like the language"
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcI agree Darryl indeed
  • Darryl from Gastonia, NcWhy would you even be listening to a band that is german? Now don't get me wrong some good bands have come from germany (the scorpions), but they were good. Rammstein just sucks. They don't even speak english. If you don't understand german then why the hell would you even listen to a song like this one, which sucks by the way. A song that has three lyrics wouldn't go anywhere in america. All of you who are wasting your time listening to crappy bands like Rammstein need to go and buy a Metallica or a Green Day album. Then you'll hear some real music, where they have structure and meanings put into their songs.
  • Depth from Kansas City, Mo"Hast" means Have, "Hasst" means hate, this is just another case of "all your base are belong to us." over all song message? Marrage = teh suxxor to lyricist? It would be more catchy if it were hate, maybie the english version = teh suxxor? oh well, don't buy translated material. Rammstein.com Look up the album name, the song name, and the lyrics. All say "hast."
  • God from UsaOnce I found these posts I decided to do some research. I found the in translation it does say you have, according to this website (http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Rink/8664/duhast.html). I found this website through www.lyrics.com. If you scroll down to the it says "You Have", but once you scroll down more it says that the translation from inside the album they released it said "You Hate". Also in the english version that they translated it does say "Will you to her vagina's death", but dosnt in the translation that was in the Sehnsucht album. So I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what it says. I am guessing "You Hate", because it says it in their album. *shurg* Still has a nice beat to it. :)

  • Simon from Pfungstadt, GermanyI agree with Chris as I am german, too :)
  • Tyler from Covington, LaLike most people, I can't stand when people try to convince me that "Du Hast" means "you hate". I'm just learning German but I can easily distinguish Hast and Haßt. The english version was changed to "You Hate..." just because it enabled Rammstein to keep the German tempo.
  • Kaern from Decauntessville, OtherActually, Hast means Have. Hasst means Hate. It's ment to have a double meaning, either you have me or you hate me.

    Yeah, I know the English Version says "You Hate" but remember the English Version of Engel? I rest my case...
  • Danielle from Spruce Grove, Canadayeah i think the same as above he does ONCE! the second last time...... we learned this song in class so i assumed it was normal... now i should go back and talk to the teacher
  • Bob from Boston, MaCorrect me if I'm wrong, but the chorus is a play on words:
    Du hast
    Du hast mich
    Du hast mich
    Du hast mich gefragt

    Du hast mich means you hate me, but then add "gefragt" and it means "you asked me". Witty, huh?
  • Joseph from La, CaYes I know of that part, I just said that a part of the lyric says "Do you want to live with her forever, to stay by her side until death separates?", or something to that effect. I saw the translation, not just the english version. And also I wasn't sure if the last part there was the death of the vagina or something else, so thanks for clearing that up.
  • Chris from Stuttgart, GermanyActually, near the end of the song the singer once doesen´t sing "Willst du bist der Tod euch scheidet,...".
    (=Do you want to, until death will seperate you..")
    Instead he sings "Willst du bis zum Tod der Scheide,..."
    (= Do you want to, until the vagina dies...")
    This sounds quite similar in german. But I´m 100% sure he sings that. And I´m from Germany, btw.
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