Frühling in Paris

Album: Liebe ist für alle da (2009)


  • The English translation of this acoustic ballad is "Springtime in Paris" and it marks the first time Rammstein have ever sung in French.
  • The line "Oh non je ne regrète rien" is taken from French singer Edith Piaf's famous song.
  • One interpretation of this song is that it's about taking a woman's virginity. There's some wordplay with the similar sounds of blutet (bleeds) and blühte (flourished). >>
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  • 3rdreich from United StatesThanks to Alex for taking the time to explain. Rammstein Rules!
  • Alex from GermanyHi,

    this is my first time posting here but I am a huge Rammstein fan from Germany and especially Rammstein has many ambiguous songs, but this song is all about the defloration by an experienced, older woman, even if you think "blutet" is something about the defloration from a Woman this is misleading.

    I'm GUESSING (there is no official statement at this theory):
    this song is about a young Soldier (WW2), where the Germany falls in Paris, according to my grandfather, the prostitutes in Paris offered partly their services for low money / food and other goods (Cigarets) for the German Soldiers, so there was often Opertunieties for young soldiers to loose their virginity or just have a nice night with an France Woman.

    On June 14, marched associations of the 18th Army in Paris, which is late late Spring, Summer starts around the 20th June "blühte" (flourished) is related to spring and "blutet" (bleeds) is related to the War in France/Paris
    Here is a very ambiguous line which should harden this:
    Der Frühling blutet in Paris
    The Spring bleeds in Paris
    you have to read this word by word, the spring bleeds in Paris, not the Woman bleeds, or in other shorter words: Paris bleeds (while there is Spring)
    Verstand nur ihre Sprache nicht
    Not understood her language
    So clearly its a Woman not in speaking German (maybe france, i guess so, because its about Paris)

    Here some translated lines (the best I can ;) ) wich will make this more clearly that its a defloration of a man/boy not a Woman
    Ich war so jung hab mich geniert,
    Doch hab es nie bereut.
    I was so young and embarrassed,
    But I never regretted it.
    non rien de rien non je ne regrette rien
    I regret nothing (with more Not and no and no)
    Ich kannte meinen Körper kaum,
    Den Anblick so gescheut,
    Sie hat Ihn mir bei Licht gezeigt,
    Ich hab es nicht bereut.

    I didn't know my Body,
    shied of the sight,
    She showed him to me by light
    I didn't regretted it.

    and here is something wich will support my guess of her beeing a prositiute
    Die Lippen oft Verkauft doch weich
    The lips often sold yet soft

    So Hopefully Iam not way of my guesses and I hope also you can read my German English :)

    greetings Alex a.k.a. Syli from Germany
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