People Alone

Album: The Competition Soundtrack (1980)
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  • Lalo Schifrin and Will Jennings wrote this for the 1980 movie The Competition, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving as competing pianists who fall in love. The song was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, and was the first song Jennings wrote to earn that honor. He won the award in 1983 for "Up Where We Belong" from An Officer And A Gentleman and again in 1998 for "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic.
  • In our interview with Will Jennings, he explained: "It was about these characters in the film, these 2 pianists, it was a classical piano competition. It's about them not being able to get together, the problem with people alone."
  • Schifrin is a prolific pianist and composer who has written scores for over 100 movies, as well as the theme song to the TV show Mission Impossible.
  • Randy Crawford is a female singer who performed with The Crusaders in the late '70s, singing on their hit "Street Life," which was also written by Jennings. She never emerged as a solo star in America, but had a series of hits in Europe.

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  • Cynthia from Davao, PhilippinesI loved randy crawfords songs wayback in college and until now..i actually have a friend who has her dvd/vcd which i always listens when she plays it coz we are neighbors...almost all of crawfords songs are very nice to sing and hear..
  • Wandha from Jakarta, IndonesiaRandy Crawford is a gratest jazz female singer, her voice is so fantastic, i like her voice and song since i was 17 year old. I love her voice & song very much, specially "People Alone".
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