Album: Razorlight (2006)
Charted: 1
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  • The band's drummer, Andy Burrows said of the origins of this song in the London Times, July 14, 2006: "We were in a hotel in Ohio - and Johnny (Borrell, the band's frontman) won't like me telling you this because he wants it all to be 'Ooh, it just came from the stars' - but this Billy Joel record came on. And he said: 'Why haven't we got a song with a drumbeat like this?' So I said: 'You can have one if you like.'" >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England

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  • Yara from Tartous, Syrian Arab RepublicHi. I am Yara. I think it is a lovely song with a love story there is nothing against America... he can not sleep because of his girlfriend.
  • Mike Limbean from Yucaipa,calif, Ca Hi,I'm Mike i am from Yucaipa,Calif. i used to Live in Simi Valley,Calif. My GrandMother used to Live in Northridge,Calif. my GrandMother was Nick Gilder neighbord Across the Street, i was a Child in my Youngest age 9 & 10 i Meet Nick Gilder in Person he was very Tall & sKinny Guy.he had 2 child 1 by & 1 Girl i know his wife Tina she a great mom.nick gave me his hot cild in the city recorded Album back in 1978. nick was a very busy father he also bought my grandmother house for his parent to moved near his family in Calif. i want to know is how is Nick and his Family doing i really miss them alots i hope i get a chances to meet them again soon..

  • Ret from Bristol, United KingdomBeautiful song. I love it almost purely for the music, really, and the production. Sumptuous echo, lovely guitar figures, and an ingenious bit of work on the final verse that is also a pre-chorus, building to the final chorus with the added descending guitar scale. Yeah, sentimental value too. Anyone could have written the lyrics, really.
  • Dale from Cambridge, United KingdomThis is an awesome song, that gives me a lump in my throat everytime I hear it. It reminds me of waking up at 5am for an early shift in the winter of 2006. What an awesome song to wake to on the radio. It also bares a little sentimental value too!
  • Jay from London, United Kingdomi believe this song is aimed at how bad america is, so i assume that this has a meaning of a political statement.
    "All my life watching America
    All my life there's panic in America
    Oh oh oh there's trouble in America"
  • Ashwin from Philadelphia, Pai don't really know if it has to mean anything to be british, but i agree that the song does a good job of portraying what it might feel like for the rest of the world to live in the age of american cultural hegemony. i almost couldn't believe johnny borrell had written something that insightful
  • Hatty from Harrogate, EnglandThis isn't a depressing song, It's simply about the way the American media dominates British culture and how children and young people in England spend their days hearing about American stars, stories and history, when really nobody even knows what it is to be British. It's a great song, surely it's a winner for the BRIT Awards 2007 Song of the Year. Peace ouut <33
  • Rachel from U Will Neva No!!!, United StatesGreat 4 people that r depressed!
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