Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anthony KiedisVocals1983-
Hillel SlovakGuitar1983; 1985-1988
Jack IronsDrums1983; 1985-1988
Jack ShermanGuitar1983-1985
Cliff MartinezDrums1983-1985
Blackbyrd McKnightGuitar1988-1989
D.H. PeligroDrums1988-1989
John FruscianteGuitar1989-1992; 1999-2009; 2019-
Chad SmithDrums1989-
Arik MarshallGuitar1992-1993
Jesse TobiasGuitar1993
Dave NavarroGuitar1993-1999
Josh KlinghofferGuitar, keyboard2009-2019

Red Hot Chili Peppers Artistfacts

  • Flea's real name is Michael Balzary and he was born in Melbourne, Australia. He met Slovak and Irons at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. Phil Spector and Slash also went to Fairfax. The gym was used for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video.
  • Kiedis was born to actor Blackie Dammett and had some early acting roles in F.I.S.T. (1978) and Jokes My Folks Never Told Me (1978). You may not have recognized him because he was billed as Cole Dammett. His mother is part Apache Indian.
  • Flea has had an acting career. His resume includes: The Big Lebowski (as Nihilist), Back to the Future, Part II and Part III (as Douglas J. Needles), My Own Private Idaho (as Budd), Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (as The Ruined Man). He is also the voice of Donnie on movie and TV series The Wild Thornberrys.
  • Irons and Slovak formed a group called What Is This? as a side project in the early 1980s, which contractually prevented them from recording with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they quickly returned to the lineup to tour.
  • Hillel Slovak died of a speedball (heroin and cocaine) overdose 1988 on a European tour. Their drummer Jack Irons left soon after because he said, "I didn't want to be part of something where my friends were dying." That's when they replaced them with John Frusciante (guitarist), and Chad Smith (drums). John was eventually having drug problems and he left before they were able to start recording One Hot Minute so they replaced him with the former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, just for that album. Then in 1997 John came back to start their next album Californication. He has been with the band ever since. The only two members of the RHCP that have been with the band since the beginning have been Anthony Kiedis and Michael "Flea" Balzary. >>
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    Kyle - Boise, ID
  • McKnight and Peligro were from Parliament-Funkadelic and the Dead Kennedys, respectively, but they didn't jive with the others. Frusciante was a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, who also happened to be an amazing guitarist, and they auditioned to find Chad Smith.
  • In 1989, Kiedis was convicted in Virginia of indecent exposure and sexual battery. In 1990, after an incident at MTV's Spring Break, Smith and Flea were found guilty of battery. Flea was also found guilty of disorderly conduct and solicitation to commit an unnatural and lascivious act. They had jumped offstage, picked up a woman and spanked her several times.
  • Navarro had been the guitarist for Jane's Addiction, and since his time with the Chili Peppers has returned to play with that group.
  • Slovak taught Flea to play bass. Flea was a trumpet prodigy who dreamed of being in a famous jazz band. He thought rock 'n' roll was for boneheads until Slovak turned him on with Jimi Hendrix and the Who. Flea has played the trumpet on records for Jane's Addiction and Mike Watt. >>
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    Matt - Wappingers Falls, NY
  • The group's first name, with their original lineup, was Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem.
  • One of the band's trademark live acts is playing onstage completely naked except for one strategically placed tube sock. This bit began in the early '80s when RHCP played gigs at a strip club called The Kit Kat, and it quickly became the most anticipated part of their act.

    In their later years, they began wearing pants onstage, but the concept of the shirt still seemed to elude them. At the Woodstock concert in '99, Flea performed completely naked. >>
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    Colton - Puyallup, WA
  • Frusciante (pronounced Froo-shon-tay) released a couple of solo albums during his mid-Nineties break from the band. This didn't stop his drug addiction, nor did it keep him for being homeless and broke. Only when he checked himself into rehab did he finally return to the band.
  • Anthony, Flea, and Hillel were once a band called "We Three." >>
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    Ben - Jeff City, MO
  • After quitting RHCP on May 7, 1992, Frusciante spent most of his time painting, writing stories, figuring out mathematical equations and science theories, as well as writing scripts. >>
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    Glenn - Sydney, Australia
  • Their first guitarist, Hillel Slovak, died of a heroin overdose. Their second guitarist, John Frusciante, left the band after Blood Sugar Sex Magik because of his heroin addiction. He was replaced by Dave Navarro, formerly the lead guitarist of Jane's Addiction. Frusciante eventually kicked his addiction and returned to the band for Californication. >>
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    Andy - Arlington, VA
  • In 2001, Flea founded the nonprofit Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, which offers music lessons and instruments to children in need.
  • After seeing a documentary explaining how meat is made, Kiedis became a vegetarian. In 2008, he was named Sexiest Male Vegetarian Alive by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
  • In late 2009, John Frusciante announced his exit from the band. In his post on his blog, he revealed that he had quit the group more than a year ago and mentioned a desire to make a different kind of music, alone. He's put out 10 solo discs in the last 15 years, and six since 2004. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Dave Navarro's first performance with the band was with a giant light bulb on his head. This took place when they appeared at Woodstock '94 donning the unusual headgear. Navarro was not pleased; "We forced him to do it" Kiedis said from the stage.
  • Flea and Kiedis appeared in the 1994 comedy The Chase, as two stoners hellbent on chasing down fugitive Charlie Sheen's runaway car with their monster truck.
  • Flea keeps honeybees as a hobby. The bassist's Los Angeles backyard has housed since August 2015 an apiary with three beehives and over 200,000 bees.
  • Flea has described Kiedis as his "soulmate," and said their relationship is "like some weird psychological study." Even after decades together in the band, they continued to hang out outside of work.
  • In 2008 at the age of 45, Flea enrolled as a freshman at University of Southern California's music program. He studied music theory, composition and jazz trumpet.

Comments: 81

  • Chase from Knoxille, TnThe breaking point for Anthony was when he and John went out on Saturday Night Live to play "Under the Bridge", and John played something that was not remotely close to Under the Bridge, which was also a very hard song for Anthony to sing. He was kicked out of the band shortly after.
  • Alec Thorp from Yorktown Heights, NyBest. Popular Music Group. Ever!
  • Michael from Morris County, NjRHCP is great. Flea is bass god
  • The. from The., OnFrusciante quit the band in 1992 because the success of BSSM was getting to him; he wanted the band to stay underground. And Kiedis was actually fired for a while before Mother's Milk because of his drug addiction.
  • Airk from Skagway, AkIn the end of "Higher Ground" the guy that sings
    "And Stevie knows that uh...nobodys gonna bring me down." and "Just uh...sailing on, sailing on to higher ground." is that Flea singing?
  • Freya from Bristol, Englandi love the chili peppers i love every album and song they ever did even though all of their albums are different styles like raping and singing, i dont hate a single song, they really inspire me.
  • Thanos from Rhodes, GreeceHey you guys stop behaving like you are fourteen or something. The Peppers are really good but come on. Can't you see that their last album lacks quality? I mean it's the Peppers and they SHOULD make a better album than Stadium Arcadium...
  • Angelo from Las Vegas, NvI LOVE the chili peppers
    i know and love every song on every album of them
    i idolize Anthony Kiedus's life and sexuality

    ...peace,love,and happyness!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joe from Boston, Mayou guys should really check out the movie "stuff" its a mini "tour" of johns house during his time of drug addiction, i found it really depressing
  • Tyler from Montgomery, AlThe only way that RHCP would get any more awesome was if they would still use the name
    "Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem".
  • Jack from La Guna Beach, Cathe peppers are quite possibly the best band on earth i bought scar tissue but my parents won't let me read it b/c they say its too inapropriate whatever
  • Nick from Houston, Txjon is like the most amazing guitar player in north america, he can play better then jimi hendrix even though jimi hendrix is also one of the greatest guitar players in north america as well. I think he should get the same amount of credit that anthony gets. FLEA, CHAD, ANTHONY, AND JOHN, YOU CREATE A BAND OF AWESOME$
  • Mike from Norfolk-close To Omaha, NeRHCP rock!!!!im only 12 years old and i play guitar and drums and the chili peppers are the ULTIMATE BAND-who woulda thought funk, rock, and a little heroine could create the best music ever? john-anthony-michael-chad fan 4 ever!
  • Igor from Pozega, CroatiaJohn Frusciante rules with eletric guitar!!!!!!! All songs sounds better when he plays LIVE!!!!
  • Steffie from Athens, Greecei really like the red hot chili peppers but the one i love is john frusciante.this man is THE artist.i'd really love to see him or the rhcp in greece.we love them here! JOHN:YOU'RE THE MAN!! love,stephanie
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlI like the songs "By The Way", "Under The Bridge", and "The Power Of Equality".
  • Bob from Bobtown, CaWhy did so many members leave?
    Its easier just to name the current members.
  • George from Steyning, Englandi love the chilis i saw them in concert and they blew my mind away, Fleas a legend in his own leauge john frusciante is a amazing guitarist chad smith rules with his drums and anthony vocals are out of this world what an amzing band how did these emence people all get together
  • Noel from Dublin, IrelandAre you thinking of Under the Bridge off of Blood, Sex, Sugar, Magik?
  • Leuty from London, EuropeAnthony Keidis is sexual..... and red hot chili peppers are the greatest band of all time!!!!.....and he has a great body for 44:o sexual love him;)
    LOVE RHCP!!!
    scar tissue is the best song and otherside and all the other ones
  • Jane from Santa Maria, CaWhat is that song, part of the lyrics, the city of angels, I feel all alone'? Thanks
  • Z from Ddd, IlFlea is AWESOME
    The absolute best bassist in the world and o yeah....he's in the greatest band ever!!!!
  • Kayla from LondonAnthony Kiedis is incredibly sexy......thats all I have to say....well that and this band is incredible. Anthony Kiedis also has a book out about his drug addiction and the band and what not. Its really good.
  • Cari from Knebworth, EnglandOh i forgot - and Cher used to babysit for Anthony when he was a kid.
  • Cari from Knebworth, EnglandChad is also very good friends with Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer, and they quite often spend hours drumming together. I once saw them live where they wore costumes from which fire came out of the tops of their heads! I've been a fan for about 15 years now and i still love them to bits.
  • Jocelyn from Chezzetcook, CanadaAnthony Kiedis was in a relationship with Spice Girl Sporty Spice. The song Emmit Rummus is about her. (lets hope he doesnt go out with her ever again!)
  • Syd from Charleston , ScThere is a certain degree of devotion that comes through in the music that has always inspired me to acheive my goals. The singular line that i will always have with me now that it's tattooed oon my forearm is "I'll make it to the moon if i have to crawl"
  • Chris from Ada, OkThe song Californiacation is the one song that seperates the red hot chili peppers from pink floyd and led zeppelin in my heart. If you have never listened to it, please dont just listen to the song, listen to the entire album. It is the single greatest album one band has ever created. Don't get me wrong, I adore Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd for what they do. Overall, they are better for the quality of their songs than the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But, this album is what I wake up to in the morning and I never get tired of it and never will.(the opening of the song californiacation is the PERFECT combination of bass and guitar).
  • Jonny from Yeovil, Somerset, United StatesThe lyrics to Under the Bridge changed my life forever, since then I have started thinking aboutm my life seriously, if you haven't heard that song, no matter what kind of music you're into, please listen to it. Look out for the 'Slightly Brown Leaves' we are the funk children of the Chili's !!!!
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cagreat songs. i got hooked while listening on a long road trip... now i plan to get all their cds.
  • Jarred from Narre Warren, Victoria, AustraliaNot only the way that Chili plays there songs but the meanings behind the lyrics and the stories and hard life experiences that have come with the whol band are amazing. By The Wa was disapointing, there was only a few good songs and the rest were all fillers... Noone ever listens to the early stuff. Freaky Styley is a mad album!!! And Mothers Milk has the best bass ever!! Flea totally takes control over that whole album!!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United Stateso btw the other guy ia called Barry, he was a good friend of Flea's at Fairfax.
  • Saz from Xxxx, United Statesthts just summet i heard i know now, it was when he and Anthony and someone else went skiing once and they had names for each other, they other guy was called tree (i think because he couldn't ski veri well and kept crashing into tree's!) then there was Antwan the swan and Mike B the Flea. The names stuck with them, not so much tree but swan dd 4 a wile, but flea is still going, i think it suits him alot! xx
  • Nunu from Bangalore, IndiaWell anout the name Flea,he was called that in school because he always shaved his head,i'm not too sure bout the jumping around part
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesI have also red Scar tissue, it's amazing to know about his childhood and his hole growing up and bands and stuff. It's a real inspiration. John Frusciante's solo albums are great, i'd recomend them. I just love his guita playing! Flea is definitly the best bassist in the hole world! xx
  • Sarah from Mesa, AzAnthony Kiedis is a sexy beast! Especially for his age... WOW! Later!
  • Jason from Toronto, CanadaAnthony plays a tough guy goon in Breaking Point with Keanu and Swayze.
  • Noel from San Francisco, United StatesI just read Anthony Kiedis' book and it was great. Never has a band had so much style and been so unique as Red Hot. They really started a whole genre-Beastie Boys,Rage Against the Machine,Sublime,Faith No More...Etc
  • Amy from Leeds, EnglandThe red hot chili peppers r the most amazin band eva, they r so talented, its amazin they have been around so long. Ak's book is so good, but i cried when hillel dies =(
    ps. ak is well fit =P
  • Dan from Fredrikstad, NorwayBy the way,you should all check out John Frusciante's officel web page There you can listen to music from his new albums and get free music you can't buy anywhere.Lots of facts and pictures and other stuff to CHECK IT OUT
  • Dan from Fredrikstad, NorwayEverybody should buy John Frusciante's solo albums:Niandra LaDes & usully Just a Tshirt,Smile From The Street You Hold,To Only Record Water For Ten Days,The Will To Death,Inside of emptiness,A Sphere in The Heart of Silence,Curtains,DC-EP and #Ataxia - Automatic Writing# that he has made with Josh Klinghoffer and some guy from Fugazi.John Frusciante is the best,no one will ever be like him.
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesAnthony did thank satan once at an awards ceremony as a joke and his grand mother (who had strong beliefs in god) took it seriously and actually thought that anthony was a satanest until he wrote to her years later to appologise and explain how he was only joking. xxx
  • Bob from Perth, Australia"Did you know that they are satanists?"

    No they're not. Anthony thanked Satan once as a joke during an awards ceremony, but this was only a joke. Anthony is in fact a very spiritual person.
  • Owain from Wellesbourne, EnglandThe chili peppers are the best band in creation! Flea is the best bassist in the world, rock on dudes
  • Andrew from Dublin, IrelandBreaking the girl is my fave of their songs, its just so good!!!. Did you know that they are satanists?.
  • John from Perth, AustraliaThey are rock royalty at the very least. I reckon Bloodsugarsexmagic is one of the greatest rock albums ever. What u think is their best album?
  • Emily from Morehead, KyI've been an rhcp fan since I was nine. Scar Tissue got me hooked! By the Way was a good cd, I hope to see another great cd soon! It's amazing that they're still around after 20 years, while so many other bands have come and gone. Ooo I love them!
  • Tegan from Melbourne, AustraliaThe Chillies are the best.
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesI need to get Anthonys new book {scar tissue} it looks amazing.
    i've just read by the way!
    it was gud!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United Stateswow i'm sooo in love with them and there talent
  • Kelly from Brisbane, AustraliaI love their style - The pepper style
    There is no one with as much musical, lyrical and personal depth as the peppers. Their music is a reflection of themselves.
  • Saz from Xxxx, United Statesi just can't get enuf!!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United Statesi LOVE the red hot chili peppers they are the best thing that eva happened eva
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesAnthony is my god
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesI love the song Brandy on the live in hyde park c.d it's so amazing and totally shows their talent
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesI just can't understand why anyone could possibly not like the red hot chili peppers! they're soooooo the best thing that ever happened to this planet!! i hope they go on making they're amazing muzic for eternity!!! no other band even comes close!!! they just cannot be beaten and i just cannot get over them!!
  • Rachel from Devon, United StatesI love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are the greatest musicians in the worle - EVER!!!!! They are such an inspiration to me, especially John Frusciante with all that he has been through!
  • Caitlin from Sailsbury, Ncflea was also in Son in law as the tattoo guy" you pick it i stick it"
  • Dano from Cowville, WiI love the chili peppers not only because of what they've accomplished, but because they've come so far and through it all they've summitted the rock world. Here's to another 20 years you guys!
  • Sam from Cambs, Englandhi i think flea is so hot and i have started to learn bass because of him he is my god and i would love to meet him one day
  • Dj from Peoria, IlI heard that what stopped Anthony's heroin addiction was right after Hillel died and Flea went up to him and said "I love you and I don't want you to die."
  • Maeve from Belfast, IrelandI adore the chilis, not simply for their incomparable sound but their individuality and deeply fascinating personalities and intriguing life stories.
    I loved the old funky sound with the obvious jazz/funk and punk influences and i love the transition they've made to the more rock sound. Icould go on forever, but i know all you fellow chili obsessives already know exactly what i'm trying to say.....They really are the best band on the planet!!!!!
    luv u all xoxo
  • Ethan from Slc, UtMike balzary(Flea) is by far the best bassist in the world and John isnt a half bad guitar player i mean hes no BB King but hes still awesome I think That Anthony is awesome and that he is a very talented vocalist and Chad is awesome on the drums i mean he practicly rips them in half.
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesHey Liz u sound like a chili freak like me! thanks 4 saying about the c.d i'll def get that! Kiedis iz fit! gotta go! saz
  • Liz from Surrey, Englandpity that the weather and chicks on speed let them down. Anthony is soo good looking for his age(41)
  • Liz from Surrey, Englandi saw them at the second hyde park concert, and they rocked. it almost made me cry when they played don't forget me. anyway, for those who didn't get tickets, they are releasing a mix of the concerts on double cd(all good!)
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesTryed like hell to get hyde park tickets but no such luk it wud have been the most amazing thing in the world if i'd have been there. did hear it on the radio they were sooooooooo damn good!God those guys rock i was addicted! still stunned! wow they shold be around forever and ever they best not split up or i will be devastated and most probably cri! they shold keep making amazing music cuz noone rocks like Chad, noone plays like flea, noone solo's like john and noone Sing like Anthony! WoW they are so gud! Got all the albumns and hopefully still building!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesMichael Balzary is called flea because he's small and jumps around alot!!!!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesThe red hot chili peppers are the best! I think they ROCK and i have their posters all over my bedroom wall! Anthony Kiedis is FIT!!!!!!!!
  • Dave from Middlesbrough, EnglandRed hot chili peppers are lyrical geniuses, Singing poets nothing compares to them by far there the best band ever.The rythm to there songs is uplifting and a pleasure to listen to. hmm,.. I wish the chilis would peform outside my house every day w00t!
  • Saz from Xxxx, United StatesI love the red hot chili peppers!They are by far the best band in the entire universe!!! Flea is a dude! he's not odd!! Kiedis is red hot and has an amazing voice! Chad is amazing and John is great! They're perfect! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandOK, i'm seeing them at Hyde Park as well and the support acts are Stellarstarr and James Brown. Haven't a clue who Stellarstarr are but Jmaes Brown, well that ain't half bad!
  • Marian from Lonon, Englandplease, anyone out there know who is gonna be the chilis supporting act in hyde park?!?! its killin me! im hearing all sorts like, muse or the pixies...does anyone one know!?

    20 may 2004
  • Jp from Dublin, IrelandChad Smith looks like Will Ferrells long lost brother!
  • Jak from Bavaria, Germanyim off to see chilis at hyde park cant wait
  • Jak from Bavaria, Germanyflea and the band are well mint
  • Glenn from Sydney, AustraliaChili Peppers rock!!! Anthony's vocals are so strong and unique. And John's solos make me tingle. Man they are good. Flea's bass lines are so funky and Chad Smith goes off on the drums!!!
  • Mel from Manchester, EnglandThe Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best. Anthony kiedis's vocals rock the world, John Frusciante rips the eletric guitar, Flea is... odd and Chad Smith ROCKS
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandJohn Frusciante's just released a 4th solo album. Flea plays bass on some tracks.
  • Mash from Melbourne, AustraliaI agree. They are by far my fav band. No-one else compares.
  • Lydia from Dorset, Englandthe chilis are great. the way they write their music will always be a mystery. its too good. :) liz uk 2003
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