Hymns for the Missing
by Red

Album: Until We Have Faces (2011)
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  • Singer Michael Barnes told Artist Direct about the meaning of this piano and strings backed song: "There are very tender moments in there. The song is just talking about somebody you may have lost—a loved one or somebody who had gone off to war and is missing. It's that idea of emotional yearning for finding that person once again. Kerrie Roberts finishes the song out and it really tells the story if you listen to it. She's in the realm of that person who's lost or missing. In the bridge, you'll hear my world and her world come together. There's a part where we harmonize, and it's like me reaching out to that world and catching a glimpse of it for one moment."

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  • Kyle Hayslett from Fort Wayne, InI absolutely love this song, but it haunts me. I was listening to it when I was at college and as I was listening to it, I had a bad feeling that something was wrong. My grandfather was going through some health issues at the time, so I called my mom to see if he was ok...... He was not okay. He'd had two back to back heart attacks and was fading even on life support. The fact that this song is literally about losing someone that you love is what haunts me because that's what was happening. I was losing my grandfather, and somehow this song made me aware of that even before I actually knew what was happening. For years I couldn't listen to this without crying. It still is hard not to cry, but in a way it's almost peaceful now knowing he is in a better place and the harmonics later in the song when the two worlds collide for a moment is like my soul reaching out to my grandfather. There's so many good things about this song, but no one knows about it. It's such a shame.
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