Red Water

Album: Graffiti The World (2005)


  • This song is about a boy growing up next-door to a family who has pretty much everything. The kid has a crush on the husband's wife and played ball with their son. When the wife and the son got home from the mall one day they found out that the husband had committed suicide in the bathtub, hence the line, "He was laying in an overflowing bathtub of red water." >>
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    Molly - Cedar, MN

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  • Haley from Dawson Creek , BcThis Song is about a boy who know what he wasted in like he wanted the perfect life and the people next door had it he envyed the father because he had everything. but this was just an illuion of perfection because its fake he wasen't really happy and he killed himself. leaving th eboy to finally understand that nothing is perfect.
  • Stephen from Salisbury, NcThe song talks about how the kid looked upon his neighbors life wich was described as what we all would consider the "american dream". But even thought the man was living what most of us would consider a perfect life he still wasnt happy enought so he resourted to suicide
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