For Your Lover, Give Some Time

Album: Truelove's Gutter (2009)
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  • This is the first single from English alternative pop singer-songwriter Richard Hawley's sixth album, Truelove's Gutter.
  • Hawley told The Sun September 18, 2009 that the message behind this song is don't be selfish, instead "make an effort for the one you love." He explained: "If you're in a long-term relationship, there's always the danger you take each other for granted. Don't let the calendar push your buttons but give flowers at odd times and randomly too. I have found it makes my Mrs happy over the last 20 years."
  • There is very little instrumentation on this track. Hawley explained to The Sun "It's totally minimalist. If I added loads of strings or guitars, it would lose its impact and any depth. The bleakness is what makes it. My grandfather told me years ago that when he used to play the music halls and people were talking, the worst thing you can do is to try and drown them out by playing louder. They just shout then. He used to play quieter and they would be exposed and shut up. It works. I've tried it at gigs and now I'm trying it on record."
  • Truelove's Gutter is a location in Hawley's native Sheffield, which was named after 18th century local innkeeper Thomas Truelove who had a gutter that used to dump rubbish in the River Don. Hawley explained the album title to The Sun: "I was with my mate (local author and historian) J.P.Bean. He had some old documents with ancient Sheffield street names and I saw Truelove's Gutter in the list. I wasn't looking for an album title but it fitted the music so well I had to use it."


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