All I Really Want

Album: Deeper Than Rap (2009)
  • The lyrics to this song explain what Ross wants in life. He told MTV News: "I just want happiness."
  • This song features Ross' label mate, R&B singer-songwriter The-Dream, whilst The-Dream's songwriting colleague, producer Tricky Stewart supplies the beat. Ross told MTV News: "I bumped into Dream walking into the Def Jam office. I ran up on him, I said, 'You're killing them right now. I need some of that Michael Jackson/Dream. I need some of that Jackson Five flow.' He told me he had me. It took a few days, he gave me a call. I was blown away."
  • Ross told MTV News that the music on the song really dictated where he wanted to go on Deeper Than Rap. He explained: "I feel like that's the direction I want the music and the album to go. For people who haven't heard it, it's a sophisticated sound. It's more heartfelt. The first time I heard [the instrumental for this song], I sat back and said, 'Rick Ross on this record right here.' I do so many street features, so many club anthems. Five days a week I'm either recording those types of songs for somebody or for myself. To be in a position where I can run into somebody as big as The-Dream and request something and he gives me something above my imagination - that fascinates me."
  • The music video was filmed in Medallion, Colombia. He explained: "I feel like me doing my island hopping... all the other little islands - to Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico - they beautiful spots. The Colombian women are beautiful women - that most definitely is what I wanted to capture. I wanted to capture a foreign setting, beautiful women... just really break down some of the more simple things. I want to capture some of the simple beautiful things in the setting in the country. It's not about malls and the cars - I want to be more intimate about that person or that individual."
  • This samples Evelyn "Champagne" King's 1982 disco number "Love Come Down."


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