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  • Japanese singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama was raised in London by her mother, who struggled to control her wild teenage daughter. This song humorously recounts the arguments Rina had with her mom in the style of a theme song for a TV show.
  • Asked by Q magazine what made her decide to write about that time, Sawayama replied: "I wanted to talk about how I let her down, but in a funny way - you can overcome a lot of pain and trauma in your life with the right kind of satire. I wanted to gameify that episode of my life - it's kind of like a cat-and-mouse game with my mum chasing me around London. I look back at that time and it doesn't seem like my life - it feels like this weird TV show."
  • Hacked my MSN messenger
    Blackmailed my best friend, telling her
    "Rina (speaks in Japanese)
    Mum, I'm fine

    Sawayama based the second verse on how her mother would try to keep track of her movements. They only had one computer at home that they shared so mom would access her MSN messenger and ask her friends, "Where is Rina?"


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