In Liverpool

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  • In this song, we hear Starr recalling his youthful self walking to Liverpool's Iron Door club to play with late '50s and early '60s band Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. The track continues a tradition begun on the title track of Liverpool 8 in which Ringo and Dave Stewart pen an autobiographical song about the former Beatle's home city. "I've decided that instead of an autobiography, I'm going to do a Liverpool song on every record," he told Mojo. "How long it lasts I don't know. If you listen to 'The Other Side of Liverpool,' it was very personal: my mum was a barmaid, my dad left when I was three. 'In Liverpool' picks it up in my teenage years, from me and the boys when I was in school, to me and the girls when I was in a band and playing the Iron Door - which was a great club. Everybody talks about the Cavern but no-one talks about the Iron Door."
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