Album: Something Else (2008)
Charted: 59


  • EURweb commented on this track's similarities to Curtis Mayfield's music. Thicke replied that he had no particular creative process, adding: "It was just the inspiration of the great music of Philly and Motown and the '70s and Gamble and Huff."
  • Thicke told EURweb: "I happened to have written that song when good things were happening to me and I was realizing how much greatness we all have in us and how sometimes the world tries to beat it out of us. Sometimes you're expressing your vulnerabilities and sometimes you're expressing your positive nature and that's what that is. Some of us are searching for something bigger internally. I think my music tends to connect with a lot of those people that are searching for something else."
  • This song was used on an advert for Samsung mobile phones during the summer of 2008.
  • Robin Thicke's parents are Gloria Loring, who had a hit in 1986 with "Friends and Lovers," and the actor and game show host Alan Thicke. His mother and father wrote several theme songs together for TV shows including Brush Strokes.
  • Robin Thicke told the Association Press that this song came about, "of just the celebration of having that feeling when 'Lost Without U' finally became a hit, and there was a little release for me, a monkey off my back. You go out there and see all the people who've given up on their own dreams and given up on themselves, so I just wanted to write a song that said I got the magic, you got the magic, we all got the magic and we can all bend metal with our minds if we try hard enough."
  • This song was one of four Something Else tracks co-written by Robin Thicke's then-wife Paula Patton under the pseudonym Max Haddington. "We did it together since we were kids. I was with Robin since I was 15 years old," she explained during an interview on New York's Hot 97 radio station. "You know, Robin and I wrote a lot of songs together... My name on the albums is Max Haddington."
  • Patton chose to use a pen name to avoid any unwanted negative attention. "I was like (to Robin), 'Well, Max Haddington will just seem like another writer with you, so it doesn't seem like you're writing with your girl,'" she explained.

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  • Mickey LukasThis song uses a sample from Wilson Pickett's song "The Night We Called It a Day". I don't think that the Wilson Pickett estate received credit for it either.
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