Album: Body Talk Pt 2 (2010)
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  • This acoustic song by Swedish singer/songwriter Robyn is from her sixth studio album, Body Talk Pt. 2. The song was written by Robyn and the record's executive producer Klas Ahlund and reflects "the downside of needing someone."
  • A reworked electronic version of the song was released in the UK as the lead single from Robyn's seventh album Body Talk Pt. 3.
  • Robyn filmed the song's music video on October 15, 2010. It was directed by Nils Ljunggren and Max Vitali and cuts between scenes of the singer wearing a tube costume with coloured liquids in it and scenes of couples making love. "We just wanted to make a video about sex, but in a way that wasn't so clichéd," Robyn explained to MTV News . "I think 'Indestructible' is a song that talks about what happens when you meet new people and fall in love, and how that can be scary and fun at the same time. And [the video] is made to give you a picture of what sex really is, which I think is something that's very hard to do, because sex is everywhere all the time, but very rarely is it made out to be something real."

    Robyn's tube dress was designed by Lucy McRae, an Australian artist who makes "body architecture," and it required a whole lot of complex machinery to function. "It's a very complicated machine that she had to build to make these tubes to work, and they had to do it quickly, because we didn't really get the budget together until a couple of weeks before," Robyn said with a laugh to MTV News. "So the machine is actually powered by drills. It looked like 'MacGyver' on the set. It's very much about, like, giving almost a physical experience of what it feels like to be on a dance floor or fall in love, whether it's blood or endorphins or other body fluids."


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