Send to Robin Immediately


  • Robyn recorded this song with British producer Kindness (Adam Bainbridge) right at the end of making the Honey album. Robyn explained to Pitchfork that she had loved a track that Bainbridge played her which sampled Lil Louis' hit single "French Kiss." She asked him to send it to her immediately as she'd always wanted to sample that song. The email that Bainbridge sent her was titled "Send to Robin Immediately."

    When the Swede played the tune to a friend, he noticed the name on the file and asked if that was title of the song? She replied "No, but maybe it should be." So she called the track "Send to Robin Immediately."
  • During the mid-2010s, Robyn lost her friend and music collaborator Christian Falk to pancreatic cancer and broke up with her long-term boyfriend, photographer Max Vitali. This song is about her regrets about failing to appreciate them when they were in her life.

    If you got something to say, say it right away
    If you got something to do, do what's right for you
    If you got somebody to love, give that love today
    Know you got nothing to lose, there's no time to waste

    Robyn has been hurt and she's warning the listener against making the same mistakes as she did in her close relationships.
  • The arty music video evokes young love and summertime with slow-motion scenes of people dancing and diving into lakes. It was directed by one of the inspirations of the song, Max Vital.


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