Picture That

Album: Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017)
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  • Here, Roger Waters discusses various political and social problems painting a picture of "a leader with no f--king brains," a clear broadside against Donald Trump. The track originated from a jam session, which producer Nigel Godrich urged Waters to convert into a proper song. He recalled to Uncut:

    "We were playing together, jamming. Nigel said, 'Write a song!' What? I can't do that! So I took it away. Picture That. Imagine yourself in a particular situation. It went through lots of conversations about sailors and dusty streets and grinding out cigarettes. It started off being about the relationship between the guy who pushes the button that launches the cruise missile and the girl who gets killed. But other things got involved in it. I wrote the line 'Imagine a leader with no f--king brains' after the presidential election last year."
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