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Album: Amused To Death (1992)
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  • This song describes a fictional woman killed at Tiananmen Square in 1989 to show how much of an effect someone's death can have on the world if it happens live on TV. >>
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  • The album title, Amused To Death, comes from Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman, a nonfiction book about how the media is affecting our attention, politics, and thinking. It was written in 1985. In 2006 the author's son wrote an intro for the 20th anniversary edition. On page viii he mentions:

    "Roger Waters, cofounder of the legendary band Pink Floyd, whose solo album, Amused To Death, was inspired by the book."

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  • Dr Ling from UsaShe is fictional and she is real. If you go to a library you’ll observe that Poetry is in the non-fiction category and this is for a good reason. Poetry uses constructed images and characters to tell the truth and inform us by moving the emotions and mind. This is why the Muse is the Sister of Philosophy. Both have the truth as their aim, but approach it by different paths. Wu Ming is real. She is the artistic construction of the Poet to represent the Martyr of China/Taiwan for democratic freedoms against the regime. Rock N Roll is the medium. Her poem honors the real girl in this photograph and those like her who gave their lives in a just cause to remove the evil of this world brick by brick, from the WALL.
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThis song became a hit in Iran after the June 20, 2009 brutal killing of Neda Salehi Agha Soltan, during the 2009 Iranian election protests. The similarity between Waters' song and Neda actually being a "student of philosophy" mentioned first by Komeil Bahmanpour in his Facebook lit and spread the fire.
  • Alienanthropologist from Silver Spring, Md1. She's not fictional. In fact, you can hear her speak on the track.
    2. It's not so much about HER as it is about you and me watching her and then going down to Applebees for the $7.99 steak sizzler or stopping off at Starbucks for a latte. He is ridiculing US for our lack of action in the face of reality.
  • Freddy from Alajuela, OtherThis song refers to the Tiananmen Square massacre which I sadly remember watching "on TV". Waters has done a great job as usual.
  • Shelby from Out Beyond The Wall, KyNo one's commented? Wow. Never heard the song, but the lyrics sound like typical Roger Waters and they sound pretty darn good. Heh.
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