In Every Dream Home A Heartache

Album: For Your Pleasure (1973)
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  • Bryan Ferry said in the April 2007 Q Magazine that this is the track he is most proud of writing. He explains, "I had an artist friend who lent me a remote carriage up in Derbyshire. This came out of that trip. I remember getting into my Renault 4, loading up a cassette player, keyboards and pads of paper and pens, and driving up there with the express purpose of writing some songs. Life was so much simpler in 1973." >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England
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  • Kris from Auckland, New Zealandreminded me of what lynard skynard would look like if the guest starred on star trek or blakes 7. first version of this song i heard was by Fields of the Nephilim, and because the lyrics are not so easy to make out, thought the song was about a person that couldnt handle the fact his wife was dead, and tried to dress her up daily and breathe life into her, in a frustrated romantic song as opposed to appear shocking..
  • Anthony from Sydney, AustraliaBrilliant song, one of my favourites along with 'A Song for Europe' and 'No Strange Delight'. Creepy sound, profound and brilliant lyrics. Roxy at their best.
  • Michael from Oxford, -No comments on this one? Yikes! This and "Editions of You" are probably my two favourite Roxy songs. The hard rock section of this track in particular knocks Black Sabbath into a cocked hat.
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