I Had This Thing

Album: The Inevitable End (2014)


  • This bittersweet dancefloor tune is one of four collaborations on The Inevitable End with Jamie Irrepressible of the London, UK art-pop collective The Irrepressibles. The importance of picking the right vocalist for each song is of paramount importance to Royksopp. "We always want to find the right voice matching the specific sentiment of a track," stated Svein Berge. "And the people we've been fortunate enough to work with, are people who not only possess brilliant vocal abilities individually – they also in their own unique way, bring their own universe with them."

    "We are inviting them to collide their universe into ours," added Torbjørn Brundtland. "It's not about having a voice for hire. We want the people we work with to feel like they can involve themselves to the fullest – it's about finding the perfect voice for our state of mind."
  • The Roboshobo directed video follows a couple who break up shortly before the apocalypse, only to desperately try to reunite. Robert Schober, also known as Roboshobo, is best known for his work with rock bands such as Alice In Chains, Green Day, Metallica and Mastodon.


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