Miss It So Much


  • This break-up song features Swedish singer Lykke Li on vocals. Junior also features guest vocals from Lykke Li's fellow Scandinavian chanteuses Robyn, Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife and Anneli Drecker. Torbjørn Brundtland of Royksopp told RealMusic.Blog: "I'd love to say that Scandinavia's so small that everyone knows each other, but I'd be lying! (Laughs) The fact is we hadn't met Robyn or Lykke Li prior to collaborating with them. We'd admired their voices and their personalities, but when you finally meet you don't know how it will work out on a chemical level - but it was good. Robyn is a big pop star but she was great to hang out with and we had so much in common. In between songs with Lykke Li we played football on the roof - until Svein kicked the ball into the ocean." (Laughs)

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  • Justin from Roseville, CaFor being a "break-up" (or "broke-up") song it has a bouncy, almost happy and light-hearted feel. Lykke Li's voice keeps the song from being too happy. Her vocals are so soft and child-like. I think she was great choice for the hip-hop beat. She creates a nice balance. Imagine a magical, cutesy, futuristic, robotic world. It's hard to explain the subtle atmospheric touches that these two gentlemen create in their music. I think only they could do such an outstanding job.
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