Silver Cruiser


  • Royksopp told RealMusic.Blog that this slow instrumental is a soundtrack for to be listened to later in the day. They explained: "You know that feeling in the morning when you're leaving the house and all you wanted to do was stay in bed? If you need a little help to get some energy and focus on the day ahead, put on the first two tracks of the album, 'Happy Up Here' and 'The Girl and the Robot.' Later in the album, tracks like 'Silver Cruiser' are a soundtrack to that part of the day where you're not asleep or awake and everything seems possible. We don't have a track for lunch though, sadly."

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  • Justin from Roseville, CaSilver Cruiser is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's so low key, yet it has such a way of standing out. There's a certain sound that occurs near the beginning of the song, and then again near the end, that sounds like bells, or perhaps even a kettle drum. Such an intriguing sound.... I love how this song continuously progresses. Just like Royksopp stated, it's a song that makes you think of the pink and orange sunset, but with a huge silver ship slowly making it's way across the sky. It's an unusual imagine that suits the entire album rightly.
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