Give Me What I Want and Give It to Me Now!

Album: All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu (2010)
  • This fabulously bitchy show-tune is directed at critics of Wainwright's opera, Prima Donna, which premiered at the Palace Theatre, Manchester on July 10, 2009. He explained to Spinner UK: "That's probably the most personal song on the album, and it deals with an issue that I went through with critics of my opera in the classical world. It's very direct: 'F--- you.' Because there was such a buzz about the opera certain critics decided, I think before even seeing the piece, that they were just going to write the most outrageous review that they could, because then it would be noticed and it would become this barometer. They thought, 'aybe I'll walk in and love it, and I'll write the most incredible [review], but most likely I'm going to go really low.' There were a couple of reviews like that, where you could just smell the intent. It was interesting because everybody smelled it and it was so plainly obvious, but that being said, that review was always being quoted later on down the line. But then there were amazing reviews -- it really [ran] the gamut. It was funny to see those people jump on that gravy train."


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