Rush Artistfacts

  • 1968-2018
    Geddy LeeVocals, bass, keyboards1968-2018
    Alex LifesonGuitar1968-2018
    John RutseyDrums1968-1974
    Neil PeartDrums1974-2018
  • They're from Toronto, where they are held in very high esteem. In 1979, the Canadian government named Rush "Official Ambassadors Of Music."
  • Peart's daughter Selena was killed in a car accident in 1997. Tragedy struck again when his wife, Jacqueline, died of cancer the following year. Peart remarried in 2000.
  • Peart wrote most of the lyrics. Their original drummer, John Rutsey, left the band due to creative differences and complications with his diabetes. He became a bodybuilder.
  • Geddy Lee was born Gary Lee Weinrib. "Geddy" came from his grandmother's pronunciation of "Gary" - she had a Yiddish accent. Alex Lifeson was born Alexander Zivojinovic. >>
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  • Peart was for many years rumored to possess a doctorate degree. He did not, and never even completed high school. Despite this, he proved to be a very intelligent and literate songwriter. >>
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    Jeff - Haltom City, TX, for above 2
  • They first got a job to play at a coffee house called the "Coff-In." While they had dreamed of playing, they had neglected to come up with a name for their group. With no time left to contemplate, they didn't have much luck coming up with a name until John Rutsey's older brother yelled, "Why don't you call the band Rush?"
  • In 1973, Rush decided to release their first single before they released an album. Side A was a cover of a Buddy Holly song called "Not Fade Away." On side B was a Lee/Rutsey song called "You Can't Fight It." This single wasn't released worldwide. No record company in Canada would produce Rush's music, so they formed their own record company named Moon Records. The single was released only in Toronto and other parts of Canada for $0.69. It was often given away for free. It is very rare, which makes this single worth a fortune today.
  • Their early sound was mostly influenced by Cream and Led Zeppelin, but with the entry of drummer Neil Peart, the sound became more experimental and progressive, thanks to the technical abilities of the three members.
  • Peart's lyrics, especially early on, centered around mythological, sci-fi and fantasy themes. He never wrote about sex or drugs.
  • From the start of the band until 1998, they followed a pattern of releasing a live album after every four studio albums.
  • They won several Juno Awards, which are the Canadian equivalent of Grammys. They won Group Of The Year in 1977 and 1978, and were inducted into the Juno Hall Of Fame in 1993.
  • Alex first met Geddy in a history class at Fisherville Junior High. Their history teacher, Mr. Bissle, remembers Alex as being "very likable, fun, outgoing and levelheaded. I always had Alex sit right in front of me where I could reach him. Gary (Geddy) was more quiet and studious. He had his feet on the ground and was soft-spoken. The two of them would sit around the school playing their guitars all the time." >>
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  • Neil Peart pronounced his last name "Peert," which many outside of Canada mispronounce as "pert," including Jack Black's character, Dewey Finn, in the movie School of Rock. >>
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  • Peart peppered his lyrics with unusual words like "antennae" and "cathode rays." It felt right and got his message across, but wasn't always easy for the man who had to sing them. "When I go over them with Geddy, he'll complain that either I've gone overboard with the alliteration or there are certain vowel-consonant combinations that, from a singer's point of view, are very difficult to deliver because you have to think so much about the elocution of those syllables that you can't possibly deliver them with the necessary emotions," he told Bruce Pollock. "There are things that Geddy suggests to me from a singer's point of view that help me a lot."
  • Lifeson has many interests outside the band. At various times, he owned and operated a small consumer product design engineering and manufacturing firm (The Omega Concern), was part-owner of a Toronto restaurant (The Orbit Room), and is a licensed aircraft pilot and motorcycle operator.
  • Lee has produced albums for various other bands, including Rocket Science.
  • Peart used a famously elaborate drum kit, which ranged in size from merely large to truly elephantine. His drumming style was eclectic: he cited influences ranging from The Who's Keith Moon to jazz drummer Buddy Rich. He produced Burning For Buddy - A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich in 1995, and Burning For Buddy 2 in 1997.
  • Peart wrote six books: Drum Techniques of Rush (1985), More Drum Techniques of Rush (1989), The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa (1999), Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road (2002), Traveling Music: Playing Back the Soundtrack to My Life and Times (2004), Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle (2005 - this book documents his travels during Rush's 2004 R30 tour of North America and Europe).
  • Neil also released a DVD in 2002 titled Neil Peart - A Work in Progress. This 2-DVD box documents the "work in progress" of recording Rush's Test for Echo album, as well as Neil himself in the studio. Neil's special approach to drums is featured in songs from "Test," also a 4-camera shoot as Neil lays down the fiery creative drumming for which he is known. Other topics include a discussion of Neil's DW drum set, his approach to odd times, playing with a vocalist & a "guided tour" of Neil's warm-up routine.
  • Geddy Lee made a guest performance on Bob and Doug McKenzie's comedy album Great White North singing a song called "Take Off." >>
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  • Geddy Lee and his daughter Kyla appeared in the episode "Will You Be My Lorelai, Gilmore?" of the TV show Gilmore Girls, but he was partially hidden by a crowd of people. >>
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  • Rustley left the band shortly after their debut album was released in 1974. He was diabetic and was concerned about how the tours would affect his health. When he left Rush, he left the music business altogether. He died in his sleep on May 11, 2008, apparently of a heart attack that was the result of his diabetes. He was 55. >>
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  • Lifeson is married to his first girlfriend, and Lee is married to his high-school sweetheart. Peart was married for 22 years before his wife died in 1997.
  • Geddy Lee is famous for playing Rickenbacker basses and Fender jazz basses. He played a double-neck guitar/bass live for the song "A Passage To Bangkok," where he would switch from the bass neck to the guitar neck to play rhythm guitar during Alex's guitar solo.

    It is also notable that Lee plays bass pedals and synth pedals with his feet as he plays bass and sings, as well as switching his hands from bass guitar to keys on different keyboards/synths. >>
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  • In 2014, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart earned honorary Doctorates of Music degrees from Nipissing University (North Bay, ON, Canada). They were unable to attend the ceremony because of poor weather conditions, but Lee and Lifeson posted videos of their speeches online.

    Lee said: "This is a situation I honestly never thought I'd be in. Imagine a high school dropout, and a rock musician no less, receiving such an honor. Finally my mother's dream finally comes true - she has a doctor for a son, oy vey!" while Lifeson joked: "My intended first act as a doctor was to write scripts for everyone, but apparently I'm not that kind of doctor." >>
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  • Geddy Lee is a connoisseur and collector of classic wines. When Classic Rock magazine asked him which wines his bandmates would be, he replied: "Alex Lifeson would be a Zinfandel, overripe and alcoholic. And Neil Peart's a claret – one that needs aging, softening up around the edges."
  • Both of Geddy Lee's parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors. First imprisoned at Auschwitz when they were 13 years old, they were separated to Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. When the war ended four years later and the Allies liberated the camps, Geddy's father set out in search of his mother and found her at a displaced persons camp. They married there and eventually immigrated to Canada.
  • Neil Peart developed brain cancer in 2016 but kept the news to his inner circle. He died on January 7, 2020, but the announcement wasn't made until three days later. The last Rush tour was their R40 Live trek in 2015.
  • Lee, Lifeson and Peart worked very well together, demonstrating how collaborative songwriting could be done at a very high level. There were no ego trips.

    "I really feel a lot of satisfaction with what I did as a guitarist on these songs," Lifeson told Songfacts in 2022. "Just trying to make them great, trying to get out of the way of things, and trying to be as invisible and camouflaged without giving up on what I thought were valuable things to the development of the songs. I guess that's the sign of a songwriter rather than a guitarist."

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  • Dj from MichiganSubdivisions is the only song that has vocals in it that aren't Geddy Lee. The word Subdivisions is sang by a toronti TV host. Lifeson and Peart never sang on any of their songs.
  • Jthomas from Tennesseebeen a fan since around the end of 1974 and still listening to at least one album a day.Thank you all for all the great music
  • Scott Rae from Oxnard, CaliforniaI was late to the Rush game. I only became aquatinted with them when Moving Pictures was released but it was love at the first note and has only grown deeper over the years. I am one of those unfortunate souls who never got to see them live in concert. Now, I will never be able to. Thankfully I have the R40 boxed set a can pretend I'm at the concert by putting my beer in a crappy paper cup and holding my pee until I almost wet myself because I don't want to miss anything. I have never cried for a "celebrity" before but I shed more than a few when I heard that Neil had passed. I had a fantasy about pulling in to a gas station in BFE and seeing him gassing up and we ended up sitting on that decrepit picnic table and talking about his life and all the things you never see in his interviews.
    Who knows?? It could have happened. I miss you Neil. I'll look for you when I get up there. Rest in peace.
  • Tkay from VegasUm, Neal did write a song about drugs. It’s called A Passage to Bangkok...
  • Joseph Kukay from Spokane Wa.I would like to hear a musical,instramental or not,
    tribute to the dear drum dueo by Lee,Lifeson.Maybe it's just a dream!?"all of us can get lost in the darkness dreamers learn to stear by the stars.all spend time in a gutter dreamers learn to look at the cars".
  • Doug from TennesseeSadly the boys are now retired.
    I saw them on every tour from Signals to the end.
    For me they always were the pinnacle of music.
    The day of a show was like Christmas as a kid. The excitement building and then they're on stage and a wall of music from three people envelopes you. True bliss for the next three hours.
    I took my my two boys, now 16 and 20, several times to see my favorite band.
    They understand and appreciate them and get why I love their music.
    That means a lot to me as a father.
  • Carl from Lincolnshire UkThe song by rush In the End is played with accustic guitar on intro. Does anybody know was the accustic tuned down for this,as if you try playing in regular tuning it sound carp and the chords are a little harder to grasp. Is the electric guitar tuned down too..? The song book says chords start off in D but recording sound is in C? Thanks Carl fama from uk
  • Chris from SpokaneThis band has captured all the major issues of the times from start to finish. Neil's lyrics are fantastic, their musicianship amazing, and after watching "Beyond the Lighted Stage", I now know they are all really cool people. I've been a huge Rush fan for 35 years now since the first time I heard Tom Sawyer on the radio at age 13. That song reached out and grabbed me and never let go. I've introduced many others to Rush, and yet have met fans who would shame me in their knowledge of the band's music and everything else about Rush. Alex, Neil and Geddy, you guys are the best-- thank you for the gift of your music!!
  • Al R from New JerseySeen the boys over 25 times....never disappointed...anyway....Geddy is a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan. During the 2015 playoffs vs Texas he could be spotted behind home plate at every Jays home game. Not only does it appear that he keeps a scorebook...but actually charts the pitches.....there is a documentary where he shows off his extensive hall of fame signed baseballs......some of which he had donated to a negro league museum. Oh yeah...Alex makes an appearance on the Canadian hit comedy trailer park boys......there will never be a band as great a RUSH again!
  • Jumpin' Joe from Blaine, Wa'He never writes about sex or drugs.' Um, what about "A Passage To Bangkok"? Pretty much a toker song (although the word 'marijuana' is never used), and very popular with the stoners at Bozeman Senior High (MT) in the early 80's. My best friend Rick was one, yet I was L7 square & church-going (still am). I was introduced to RUSH in my H/S Junior Brit Lit class when a classmate was allowed to play "Xanadu" based on Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" (very cool B/L teacher). Became massive RUSH fan my 1st year at Oregon State U (thanks, Kevin), and many concerts later, took my oldest daughter (17 y/o) to see Clockwork Angels in Vancouver! I met Neil Peart @ Christmas 2005 w/ his wife and he grudgingly graced me with a few autographs (she's really nice ... he's not a people person much). Tix just went on sale for R-40 today for VCV! 40 years!!!! RUSH is IT! Joe Bonner
  • Pete from West Lafayette, Indiana UsaYYZ is the airport code for Toronto.
  • Mike Preston from New Liskeard, OnAfter nearly 40 years with Neil Peart as drummer, the band was FINALLY inducted to the Rock and Roll music Hall of Fame in 2013. Only three groups have sold more albums than Rush. They are; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and KISS.
  • Mike Preston from New Liskeard, OnThe inspiration for the song "Red Sector A" comes from Geddy's(Gary's) mothers' Jewish ethnicity and his loss of family members in the concentration camps.
  • William from Jersey City, Nj"A Passage To Bangkok" mentions Golden Acapulco Nights. (Acapulco Gold)
  • Kelitablue from Sylvestser, GaI miss you Uncle Rick. Rush was his only favorite band- he made sure I knew this band, and all of their songs and backgrounds, everything about them by the age of 7 or 8. I think about him everytime I hear them, one song in particular that makes me think of my uncle is red barchetta. one of his favorites, but I think of him when geddy describes his white haired uncle, one of the coolest guys in the whole wide world. I love you uncle!! R.I.P.
  • Leann from Kansas City, MoIf you were born in the early 70's like I was, (72) and was not able to get to know or understand who Rush was until MTV brought them to my eyes and ears when I was oh, say maybe 8ish years old, then you can understand how important these guys are to a person's life. I will never forget first laying eyes on Lee in videos of that day. Seeing and hearing him sing, key and play Bass. I do not know why he sticks to my heart and mind so closely; but Geddy you are without question, the most beautiful man on the face of this planet. I wished I was your wife! It is with much shame that I report to attending the first Rush concert of my life here on July 1st of this year. I stood there through the whole concert with tears in my eyes as each of the songs I loved so much on Moving Pictures was played one after another. I cannot explain my great idiocy for not being closer of a follower of theirs until now again.... there was one time tho in the early 80's where I bought the Power Window's cassette and if memory serves me correctly, it came out in the fall, so I listened to it all that winter, and it really was the soundtrack of my life then. I wore 2 copies of that cassette out. Sick, huh?
  • Corey from Winnipeg, MbOK, wow... First of all, only a few of Peart's songs are sci-fi and fantastical. The song "A Passage to Bangkok" is drug-based. Second, 2112 is around 21 minutes long. Third, "The Trees" ends with "And they are all kept EQUAL, by HATCHET, axe and SAW." Sorry to sound like such a nerd, but if you are gonna post a comment, at least make it right.
    Some facts:
    -2112, or 21:12 in military time, is 9:12 in standard time. 9/12, or September 12, is Peart's birthday.
    -Jeff Jones was replaced by Geddy Lee in the earliest days of Rush.
    -Peart is an avid traveler, and loves cars and motorcycles.
    -Peart has one of the most diverse drum kits in history, with over 400 different sounds.
    -Rush's next album (To be announced - not to be confused with Snakes and Arrows)will likely be their last album.
  • Dave from Bennington, VtAnother song that I love is an early one called "The Trees" about social classes and moral superiority, and how people think they are better than others because of their social class, religion or nationality. That song is amazing. "The trees are all kept even by hammer axe and stone"
  • Dave from Bennington, VtOver the years I have gone through some difficult times, and music has been a real support for me. Rush over the years has been very up to date with all the social ills and struggles of ordinary people each day. On a day when nothing is going my way, I listen to their CD's giving me hope that as bad as things can seem, they will get better. Roll the Bones CD as well as Hold your Fire are among their finest. "Tough times Demand tough talk" " "If the futures looking dark were the ones who have to try, even though times doesn't have wings were the ones who have to fly".
  • Sarah from Quincy, IlNeil Peart never writes about drugs? Hello, ever heard "A Passage to Bangkok"? BTW, he and his second wife, Carrie, had a daughter, Olivia Louise Peart, in the summer of 2009. This is especially remarkable because Carrie was 47 years old at the time.
  • Luke from Dayton, OhRush is the best thing to ever come out of Canada, there that freakin awesome. 2112 is not a song, but a musical masterpiece!
  • Kimberly from Overland Park, KsI will forever be grateful to my two older brothers who introduced me to RUSH's music in the late 70's. The unmatchable sound and intelligent music and lyrics of RUSH have influenced my life and my own musical talents in nearly every way. True lovers of music understand and appreciate what they've given the world of rock and roll with their incredible talents and continuous ability to put on flawless performances for over three decades! They are considered to be the best three-member rock band in the history of rock and roll. I hope that RUSH remains inspired and continues to nurture our rock and roll souls with their music. To that, I repeat the words of Shakespeare: "If music be the food of life, play on!"
  • Lee from Gardner, MaThere is certainly no question Rush is the most underrated bands of all time. As a preschooler, my father and I would listen to Roll The Bones every day on the way to daycare. I grew up a drummer and surrounded by musicians. My true appreciation for Rush developed after hearing Hemispheres. Every album before and since has been an equally humbling,educational,moving, and uplifting experience. I find a new relevance or application for a Rush lyric in my life almost every day. To Neil, I am in debt for both his moving lyrics, and his inspiring me to be a lifelong apprentice to the drums. To the band as a whole I am grateful for all they have done and whatever they will do in the future. Alex seems extremely funny, and Geddy quite sophisticated. Though, to Neil, as trashcan man said in The Stand, "My life for you". Also, I didn't see a mention of John Rutsey's recent passing. In an article linked from Neil's site, a journalist who rode with him remarked that he did not seem as aloof as he is commonly percieved to be.
    -L.P. Gardner, M.A.
  • Allie from A Little Ol' Town In, MiI LOVE RUSH WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are such a power house for music. All of their songs are awesome. Neil and John Bonham are often compared but i love them both. they both have a different style of drumming and are both gods at drumming. My favorite Rush songs are either Working Man or Limelight!!! Working Man just has some awesome guitar!!!!! AND THERE'S A BASS SOLO!!!!!!!! Limelight just gives me the chills!!!!!!!!!
  • Mario from Lima, PeruRush es mi banda favorita, a pesar que empzaron a tocar cuando yo nacía .
    Rush mas que ser musica progresiva , es musica RUSH, es un estilo propio y variado en cada album.
    Me gusta mas los primeros 10 albumes.
    Dicen que viene PERU ,,DIOS QUIERA
  • Michelle from Maplewood, MnRush is one of my favorite bands my favorite song is tomsayer
  • Mike!!! from Carson, WaRush is the best band ever! Neil, Geddy, and Alex are merely Gods among's just some people are too dumb to see it!
  • Aj from Salt Lake City, UtI love Rush they are the greatest band that has ever lived an that will ever live
  • Alice from Fairhope, AlRush is the greatest band to EVER live. enough said. the lyrics are incredibly deep and their music kicks a** too. along with the blue oyster cult, i'd say their one of the most under-rated bands in rock history. i'm a teenager and introduced alot of my friends to them, and they all love rush too!
  • K from Toronto, CanadaI met Geddy and Alex at their induction into Canada's Music Hall of Fame, and Alex again at a charity concert at the Phoenix in Toronto. Both SUPER nice guys...Alex is so personable and fun, Geddy is really nice and a little shy. They autographed my "Hold Your Fire" CD. Too bad I didn't get to meet Neil (he was going through the tragic, tough period in his life), but the others were so awesome. I love their music so much, and I'm a girl in my 20s!
  • Jim from Spokane, WaSome small facts - the Omega symbol can be found on almost all RUSH albums somewhere in the liner notes.
    RUSH was getting fired from time to time in the early coffe house days for playing too loud.
    Neil's second wife Carrie Nuttall is a photographer and many of the newer black and whites are shot by her.
    The guitar stand holding Alex's acoustic up in front during concerts was a modified cymbal stand he invented. It became the Omega stand, hence the Omega beginnings.
    Neil has said several times before he does not like to talk to strangers. He says it is weird that people talk to him as if they know when they really don't.

    I have been a RUSH fan from the beginning. I am a guitar player for over 25 years and much of my stule of playing can be attributed to Alex Lifeson's style. I am also secondarily a drummer and spent much of my time learning the playing technique of Neil Peart. Their whole philosophy, sense of humor, and character is much the same as mine, although I did not follow theirs to achieve this. It is simply a coincidence in that regard but I discovered this and more was to be my favorite of all the bands and music I love.
    They are truly a historic band in the world. Why they have not received a Grammy at this point is beyond me. Every other country has seen fit to award their highest honors in music. I hope to see a Lifetime Achievement Award Grammy someday if nothing else. They represent the best of what the recording and music industry should be. Even in a business sense - if you're one of those types.
    Cheers to the power trio.
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., Oh Does anyone know what is quoted at the beginning of the song 'Alien Shore'? RUSH is one of those bands that seems to just get better with each CD released... Not many bands are like that. What bad can you say about RUSH? Neil Peart is both a fine PERCUSSIONIST, and song writer; Alex Lifeson doesn't get enough recognition for his guitar work, and Geddy Lee is a damn good bass player, and still has an incredible voice. I am simply amazed when Geddy can sing, while playing both the bass and synthesizer in concert. There are simply too many songs for me to name as a favorite. But one song that really sticks out in my mind is 'Resist', which truly is a beautiful song. I also enjoyed it when Geddy and Alex did an accoustical version of it in concert, it sounded just as awsome. I was however disappointed at this same show when 'Closer to the Heart' was passed over for songs such as 'Between Sun and Moon' and 'Driven'. However, I still love to watch RUSH perform.
  • Dean from St Catharines, Canadaneil pearts locker "2112" i dont think is part of lakeport highschool anymore...
    but now part of eden highschool
    they share the building
  • Jonathon from Clermont, Fl"The Trees" kicks some serious you know what. I find it funny how many people don't really know their music, considering how awesome they are.
  • Micah from Fayetteville, ArBy far, in my own opinion and of others, RUSH is the greatest band EVER!!!! Their music is so inspirational, like subdivisions! that song tought me to not buy into conformity (grumble) and to be myself. THANKS RUSH!!!!!!!
  • Greg from Oakville, CanadaIn my opinion, I think Rush is the most talented band ever! Geddy Lee has inspired me for my now 6 years of playing bass.
  • David from Port Hawkesbury, CanadaThe best rock band Canada has put out. Makes me proud(er) to be Canadian.
  • Karen from Emmaville, AustraliaI wish there were more RUSH fans in Australia. I have been into rush since 1988, and in Australia i have so much difficulty obtaining thier music. Rush's music helps me to live.THANYOU Neil,Geddy and Alex for making such beautiful music.
  • Tom from Dosen't Matter, CtNeil Peart came out with a DVD "Anonomy of a drum solo" last (2005) year
  • Mark from Gardner, MaTom of Trowbridge, England... You must be kidding about Rush not being well-known in the U.K. -- Your mum must be a Tom Jones fan. My wife is British and wasn't really a Rush fan until she met me, but she had certainly heard of them. The U.K. is a Rush stomping ground. Just take a look at how well they're received every time they tour there. In fact Neil lived in London for a couple of years. The fact is; Rush is VERY WELL KNOWN in the U.K.
  • Jen from Ontario, Canadai have to do a project for school on Geddy LEE :)
    i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if he had an influence on canada's social, environmental, or anything really about canada? PLEASE HELP!
  • Jen from Ontario, Canadamy friend's dad told me that when he worked at BLACK's in Toronto Geddy Lee wanted a role of film developed. When he developed it there was a picture of Geddy naked on the toilet.
  • Ben from Nyc, MsRush is such a great band. 2112 is the best song over 16 minutes long!!
  • Barry from Gagetown Nb CanadaI had the amazing opportunity to see Geddy , Alex and Neil LIVE in Toronto at the C.N.E. in Aug. 1977 ... It was the Farewell to Kings Tour ... Although I was just a teen at the time , I still remember what an excellent show they gave !
    I still listen to "All the World's a Stage" ,
    It's one of my fave CDs ... Rock On !!!
    ߪrr¥ NB.CA
  • Tom from Beacon, NyRE: - Peanut, Pomonkey, MD

    Wrong Rush. Really Wrong!

    RE: - Andy, Hamilton, Canada

    Ayn Rand's Philosphy is not "libertarian or anachro-capitalist". Regardless of what its adherents say, Objectivism in NO WAY espouses or supports Libertarian politics or principles.

  • Tom from Glasgow, ScotlandRush are the best band in the world. Just seeing them live will live with me forever, I will die a happy man for this. Their music means everything to me. If you have not heard them, why not?
  • Frank from Las Vegas, NvThe first song that brought me into RUSH would be La Villa Strangiato. I loved Alex's guitar style and every other little bit of the song. They have changed the way I listen to music. Not only are they one of the best bands in the history of music but they are definately one of the most talented. "One likes to believe in the freedom of music." -I sure do.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaI live because of RUSH!!! Literally... I can brag about that because my parents met at a Rush concert. If it wasn't for them making their great music, I wouldn't be here!!! I love 'em now! From their metal beginnings, to their progressive stuff. From their synthy mid period to their harder recent stuff... LOVE EM TO DEATH!!!
  • James from Windsor, Ca2112 was my introduction to Rush. I've always loved their big hits, but 2112 will always shine as my favorite album from them. They raise the standard on talent.
  • Dan Sheehan from New York, NyHey, bhowie. I'm going to be in St. Catherine's soon. Where is Lakeport? Is it in Port Dalhousie? also, is it true they no longer have Victoria Day fireworks at Lakeside Park?
  • Brian from Sault Ste. Marie, Canadaactually, neil is from port dalhousie..where lakeside park is. I also went to lakeport. I also remember the midway in earlier years. Went to McArthur public school on Main st. Can still ride the merry-go-round to this day for a nickel. Every one in St. Catharines would know this. hello to all the Port boys..
  • Tom from Trowbridge, England In UK terms, the most underrated and underplayed band ever! I'm gonna get stick for this but i think they're much better than Led Zeppelin. Rush's songs are generally more likeable than Zep's, which get boring after a while.
  • Andy from Hamilton, CanadaRush lyrics reveal an interest in Ayn Rand's libertarian or anachro-capitalist philosophy of Objectivism.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWell, everyone in the UK with an interest in music probably knows Rush but members of the general public don't. I mean, I've never heard them on the radio or seen them on the TV.
  • Bhowie from St.catharines, Canadai go to neils school, isnt that amazing?!?!
    hes such a legend here, atl east to me, cause most folk around these parts have forgotten rush, but not me
  • Joe from Allston, MaRush's music really gave me a mode of escape from the small, one-horse town I grew up in. Neil's lyrics especially helped me imagine a world much bigger than I saw with my eyes.
  • Jp from Kelowna, CanadaI really wish Rush would come to Kelowna, since they are Canadian and this is a fair size city.
  • Aneta from Bydgoszcz, Poland I am from Poland and here Rush is very popular but not among all the people, only thos who know at least something about music. I'm pretty sure it's everywhere like this. So you (Tom, Trowbridge, England) can't say that they are not famous at Great Britain. Besides last tour prooves that).
    I (for example) must spent my whole years savings (you know-these polish payments;((!!!) to travel 1300 km to Rotterdam to see/admire/experience Rush performance Oct 1st 2004. But this was the time of my life. Now I can die ;)))
  • Michelle from Albuquerque, NmGeddy Lee bought his black and white Fender jazz bass with a blonde neck from a pawns shop in Michigan for $200, which remains to this day his favorite bass. There is now a Geddy Lee signature bass available which looks identical to his.
  • Steve from Chino Hills, CaI have a friend who is a friend of Neil's new wife. She has met Neil on a couple of occasions, and from what she tells me, he really is quite shy. He doesn't hold very long conversations with strangers.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandSurprisingly, Rush aren't really that well known in Britain, which is sad as they have to be one of the best bands of all time. I asked my mum, who is 47, if she knew who they were and she had no idea!
  • Matthew from Shrewsbury, EnglandSimilarly, the changed surname of Lifeson comes from the Cyrillic Transliteration of Zivojinovic.
  • Erik from Davis, CaGeddy's nickname came from his grandmother's pronounciation of "Gary." It came out as "Geddy."
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