Dog Years
by Rush

Album: Test For Echo (1996)


  • The line, "Every dog has his day" is from a 1863 children's book called Water Babies by the English novelist and clergyman Charles Kingsley.
  • This song (on their 23rd album) contains the line "One sniff at the hydrant" - Rush's (13th album) Signals features on the cover a dog sniffing at the hydrant. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Darkside of the Moon, for above 2
  • The line, "In the dog days, People look to Sirius" is a clever pun. One meaning is that in the summer people are often serious but as written it means that people are looking to the dog star "Sirius." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    George - Manassas, VA

Comments: 6

  • G from DenverI just don't like it. Its really harsh to the ear and although I get the puns and the silliness, its just not my thing.
  • Claude from Kingston, MaNot my favorite Rush song, but I always like the line "for every sad son of a bitch." There's something really clever there....
  • Tom from Newbury Park, CambodiaOn average, humans live seven times as long as dogs, and so have seven times as much time to enjoy.

    Are you getting seven times the value and accomplishment out of your seven years than a dog is getting out of his one?

    Are do you spend so much of that time *talking* about stuff that you only end up *doing* (and enjoying) as much as the dog?
  • Sam from Violet, LaThis is a great song. Its one of my favs.
  • Avlight from Anytown, Ncit is a corny 'filler' type of song. Hovever, the bass line is very unique.
  • John from Asheville, NcThis is probably my least favorite Rush song. The lyrics walk that line of "cheeky fun" but I think clever veers into silly then collides headlong into stupid. The chorus melody also does not sit well in my ear.
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