by Rush

Album: Vapor Trails (2002)
  • This is part IV of the "Fear Trilogy" (making it no longer a trilogy) which is also made up of the songs "The Enemy Within" (Part I from Grace Under Pressure), "The Weapon" (Part II from Signals), and "Witch Hunt" (Part III from Moving Pictures). >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, Washington

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  • Andres from Vancouver, CanadaIt's the fourth part of the trilogy intentionally, made as a joke compared to the fourth part of "A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" trilogy, which Neil liked or read or something, I just remember reading it in one of his books.
  • Ray from Roseville, MiIt's about fight or flight. Sometimes when you should lash out or run you just stop dead in your tracks...
  • Byron from Paragould, Ar, ArTheir latter-day "Camera Eye"
  • Louis from Glendale, AzIt's an 'aftermath'. Freeze is basically defining how we feel when a fear moment is achieved, whether it be the 'enemy within' or something different.
  • John from Asheville, NcProbably my least favorite on Vapor Trails, an album I really like...but I still enjoy it. I think the ending is a bit drawn out.
  • John from Newmarket, CanadaThey've never played this song live, unfortunately.
  • Rolando from Corpus Christi, Txi'm had a simalar experience, i was in the turning lane when a car was speeding behind a bus and was forced to come into the turning lane to avoid a stopping bus, almost had a head on collision. i FROZE like you wouldn't believe. i looked a t the door handle but couldn't move. in the end of it all a cyclist asked if i were alright i said yes without looking at him and went home. i was so mad because no one at home believed me that it happened.
  • Will from Spokane, WaDefinantly my favorite Vapor Trails track. With its odd time signature and intensity it reminds me of older Rush. Do they play this song live? I'm 0 for 3 since the album's release.

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