O Baterista
by Rush

Album: Rush In Rio (2003)
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  • This is an instrumental. It is essentially a drum solo until the very end of the song. It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Instrumental.
  • Drummer Neil Peart is the only member of the band credited with writing on this song.
  • The prerecorded ending of this song is titled "One O'clock Jump." It was written by Count Basie, and recorded by The Buddy Rich Band. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeff - Haltom City, TX, for above 3
  • "O Baterista" means "The Drummer." It's used in Portuguese and Spanish. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Carlos - Montreal, Canada

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  • Paul from Rothesay, Nb, CanadaRush have been nominated for quite a few best instrumental Grammy awards over the years but have never won. If you check out the list of songs that have won over Rush...it'll leave you shaking your head in disbelief.
  • Shane from Raynham, MaThe reason Neil does "One o clock Jump" at the end of his solo is because its one of the 2 songs he played on for the Burning for Bubby sessions.
  • Wil from Milwaukee, WiNeil Peart IS THE QUINESSENTIAL drummer of ANY music genre!!!!! Hands down!!!!!!! This solo proves it...not bad after not playing for 2 1/2 years!!!
  • Sebastian from Miami, FlThis solo is another evolution of Neil's general drum solo ideas. You can hear segments that go all the way back to 1976 (all the world's a stage live album /cowbells),
    thru YYZ 1981(snare drum march /and solo on toms), Rythm method (cross sticking between floor toms and snare plus marimba led breaks (1988/1994)and his add ons to those previous ideas , like the soloing on snare or toms over a 3/4 waltz time (very difficult). O Baterista follows a standard Peart progression that has highlighted all his solos: snare drum march opening , soloing on toms (over 3/4 for this particular solo) , marimba break , solo over loop using electronic kit, stick crossover (snare floor tom, similar to 1988 rythm method drum solo) , and closing over trigger activated vamps. The fun part of his solos is that the ideas are very similar from solo to solo, but the executions and add on to this general structure are very creative, and he keeps the solos very fresh. Also Neil tries to change from night to night a little bit so that every audience can get a slighly different and special solo. This is evident if you listen to the CD version of THe Rythm Method from A show Of Hands and then listen to the Video Version of the same concert, in this particular case the snare drumm march is silghtly different
  • Dalmo from Sao Paulo, BrazilIn Portuguese, the word "bateria" means "drums". So, "baterista" means "drummer", and "O" is the masculin form for the two-gendered English word "The". So, the title means "The Drummer".
  • Mario from Lisbon, PortugalThe title is in Portuguese and not in Spanish. In Spanish it would be "El Baterista".
  • Ed from London, CanadaIf you compare "Rush In Rio"'s verion of the drum solo, you can hear elements that are common in "Exit, Stage Left"'s "YYZ".
  • Brian from Meriden, CtBaterista - drummer - I knew that. (Lies)
    Well Barchetta means convertible for the Italian-speaking Brazilians who like to break out Moving Pictures. Yes, you exist. (I swear)
  • Yolanda Morphinite from Bountiful , UtThe BEST solo ever period.
  • Mike from The Darkside Of The MoonNominated for best instrumental - 2005 Grammy Awards?
  • Rodrigo from Campinas/sp, BrazilAnderson is completely right.
    Just an add: in portuguese (in Brasil we speak portuguese, not spanish!!!), there is diference between male and female articles (in english it's just 'the' for all cases).


  • Anderson from Fortaleza, Brazil"O Baterista" means "The Drummer", this was written in portuguese (as the album was recorded in Brazil) and yes, there is the defined article there wich is "O" in portuguese.
  • James from Pittsburgh, PaI had suspected that a "Baterista" would be a drummer, but I checked on that before posting and yes in fact, baterista is spanish for drummer. O is probably a vocative of sorts, as a direct address. It doesn't seem to be a form of the definite article.
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxWould someone please tell me what the title of this song means? Feel free to post this as a Songfact, or as a comment.
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