One Little Victory
by Rush

Album: Vapor Trails (2002)
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  • This is about how it's the little accomplishments in life that can be the most rewarding and satisfying, that giving it your best shot is the innermost fulfilling achievement in life. It's all about challenging yourself within rather than measuring yourself against others. Be yourself and be real. >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, Washington - USA
  • Both the original version and an instrumental edit were included in the in-game soundtrack of Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2.
  • Neil Peart, Modern Drummer, Sep. 2002: "I'd been working on that tune and came up with that double bass part. I thought it worked perfectly for the end of the song. But Geddy said, 'That's a great part. You ought to open the song with it. That would just kill.' Frankly, I wouldn't have done it that way-I don't think I would have been so assertive-but Geddy suggested it and I said, 'Okay, I'll try it.'"
  • Geddy Lee, Rockline, May 13, 2002: "One Little Victory was kind of a triumphant song for us, in the lyrics and the message that the song is about. There was something about that song that seemed just so darned appropriate for opening the record, and also being the first release for us in such a long time. That song started as a collection of jams that Alex had done late at night, just a collection of guitar riffs all linked together in a really kind of a typically-Alex-nonsensical way. I came in the next day after he'd done these things, and just kind of scratched my head but really liked a lot of it. At the same time, there were some lyrics there that Neil had written, which were one of the few lyrics that immediately I just loved, I didn't want to touch a word, it was all great. And so I played with it for a couple of days, started using the digital equipment to manipulate the riffs and add my bass to it, and start writing some vocal melodies. And before I know it I had a song, or what seemed like a song. And then I ran it by Mr. Lerxst here, and he seemed to really dig it. So that kind of became a song and it didn't change much after that."

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  • Marley from Concepcion, ChileAwesome, the first time I heard this song I thought it was an instrumental, and then I heard the lyrics and was blown away... but I always wondered what the song would sound like if it had been made as an instrumental (I mean not just taking away the voice, but done completely like an instrumental...) and now I find out there IS an instrumental version in the Need for Speed game!!! Downloading the game's OST right now ^^
  • John from Asheville, NcA triumphant return for certain. I wasn't in to Rush when this album came out, as they returned from their tragic layoff...but I know what happened and I can still imagine how special this song must've been like under the circumstances. Beyond all that, it's a great number.....with tons of energy and a wonderful lyric.
  • Tom from Highland, Ny"The measure of the moment/is a difference of degree" In engineering mechanics the bending moment is the amount of stress and strain a girder, truss, beam, etc. can take before the structural integrity gives out.
  • Ben from Nyc, MsThe drums are just... Insane!! That's the only word I can find.
  • Rebecca from Overland Park, KsI like hearing this song on the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, especially when I just beat my brother at it while using a red Ferrari Barchetta to race against him with.
  • Taylor from Riceville, TnNeil wrote this song about himself. About just getting though the day, that it was just a little victory to get though the day alive.
  • Taylor from Riceville , TnI think this is a great song and it helps us get through just little victorys in our lives!
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WashingtonThe song rocketed into the top 10 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart just weeks after its release. Lee and Lifeson pointed to "One Little Victory" as the first and only choice to lead off the album, noting that it makes a powerful statement about Rush's return -- both personally and musically.

  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WashingtonOh yeah they ARE back! This is a rockin' drum beat and awesome guitar lick!! A real gem on this Album - can't wait to see if they go back in the studio in 2004. This is one Rocks greatest comebacks after a 6 year hiatus.
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxThat's right, THEY ARE BACK!
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