The Garden
by Rush

Album: Clockwork Angels (2012)


  • Rush conclude their twentieth studio album, Clockwork Angels, with this pastoral delight. Producer Nick Raskulinecz told "This was in the first batch of songs, and it came pretty easily. It's probably the most beautiful song on the album. It's reflective. It's the end of the journey, and it's got the long outro. Originally, we were going to fade it out, but it has such power the way it is that we decided against it."
  • Musician and businessman Jason Sniderman plays the piano on this song. In addition to being a guest musician on albums by a number of other Canadian artists, Sniderman was one of the chief executives of Sam the Record Man, which was established by his father and is an Advisory Board Member of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Raskulinecz told MusicRadar: "The chameleon of rock, Alex Lifeson, wrote a really gorgeous piano part and demoed it. We had one of Geddy's really good friends [Jason Sniderman] come in and play it for real on a nice, beautiful Steinway."
  • The Alex Lifeson guitar solo you hear on the record is the original one he recorded for the demo. That's the demo guitar solo. What you're hearing is Alex by himself. Said Raskulinecz to MusicRadar: "He's at Geddy's house, it's late at night - I think Geddy was sleeping on the couch - and he's just playing a guitar solo. When you get something that great, it's not a demo anymore. There wasn't even a discussion to try to do it again."

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  • Russell from PennsylvaniaLike many great Rush songs The Garden has many meanings; it is up to the listener to determine his or her own opinion. If you have read the book you know that in the final scene Owen is tending to his garden and reflecting on his life. While doing that he is watching his family and friends interact (his garden). And my take: We are the garden in this song and Rush is giving us a veiled thank you for all of the love and respect we have had for them over the years. When I first head the song I knew this was the end...and a very fitting end it was. But none of us could imagine what would tragically happen only a few years after their "final" performance. The love and respect still remains.
  • May from WashingtonThis is a really uncommon take, but this is honestly my favorite Rush song, and I'd say Clockwork Angels is in my top 5 of their albums too. This song is beautiful to me, and really wish it received more attention, as I rarely hear anyone talk about it.
  • Not A Fan Boy from RealityToo bad Nick ruined this album with horrid production & over-compression. It's so harsh and unlistenable, it's sad. Sorry to see the band go out with such a lackluster final album. I've been a fan of Rush since 1981, but I can't get on board with this album. It's just not good. Period.
  • Jodeo from Tennessee. (well, Michigan Actually)When Neil passed Jan. 7 2020 (and announced on Friday Jan 10), many reflected on this last song on this last Rush studio album. In some ways it is a fitting eulogy for Neil, capturing at its core how the man's outlook on life manifest itself.

    The music ends with a tinge of sadness, something I'd long hoped the band would later resolve through new music. But now, I know the emotion that song provokes and they way it ends is really perfect against the backdrop of Neil's lyrics therein...

    The future disappears into memory
    With only a moment between,
    Forever dwells in that moment,
    Hope is what remains to be seen...

    Neil's life brought love and respect in light of all the gifts he gave.
    For such a life, the returns shall continue for time and times yet to be...

    Goodnight, Professor.
  • Glenn from Torrance, Cayou were right adam....
  • Monkey Pie from NjTalk about a guitar solo-this solo by Alex will tear your heart out, toss it on the ground, and stomp on it. Listen to the words-truly an amazing work.
  • Lennon from Plainview, NyLove this song so much! My favorite on the album! I am 13 and I learned it on the guitar right away! The solo is just perfect!
  • Larry from Ft. Pierce, FlA beautiful masterpiece. The music, the lyrics, the tone and the tempo all give me goosebumps and touches me on a psychological level like few other of their songs have--albeit, their repertoire of songs that have influenced me and touched me on many psychological and emotional levels over the years are difficult to count. "Closer To The Heart" and "Wish Them Well" run a close 2nd and 3rd (respectively). If all of humanity could have a chance to veiw the words to this song and reflect upon them, this world we share would function so much more smoothly and fluidly. The following lyrics say it all: "The treasure of a life is a measure of LOVE and RESPECT--The way that you live, the gifts that you give--In the fullness of time it's the only return that you expect." And, the final words that hit with such force: "The future disappears into memory--With only a MOMENT BETWEEN--Forever DWELLS IN THAT MOMENT--HOPE IS WHAT REMAINS TO BE SEEN...Beautiful. Hold these words "Closer To The Heart" and become better, much more enlightened, person by doing so.

    Thanks for all of the amazing, thought-provoking, songs over the years Geddy, Alex and have played such a large part in my life as I strive to each year--all the while, as my personal countdown clock continues ticking ever closer to zero--become the kind of person that personifies empathy, kindliness and compassion towards my fellow man. I don't know that I will ever attain even an inkling of success in this area, but each time I listen to one of the classic songs you 3 have provided for us over the years, it reminds me to try that much harder and to live closer to the heart...
  • Adam from Sarnia, OnI find it hard to believe that no one has commented on this song!!!

    So I will be the first. The song explains itself, but I have a hunch that this will be the last song by Rush. I have a bet going with a die hard Rush fan. I wonder who will win:)
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