2 Poor Kids

Album: The Intro (2015)


  • "2 Poor Kids" begins Ruth B's debut EP, The Intro. In our interview with the 20-year-old singer-songwriter, she explained the event that motivated her to write the song. "I was on a bus one day going home from school. Two kids got on the bus and the girl wasn't wearing shoes and she had on a tank top - it was still pretty cold out," she said. "Everyone was looking at them kind of funny, but they seemed to be oblivious to everyone else, and didn't really care. It was before I started writing songs, but I remember thinking, Wow. Someone can make a movie about these guys, because they just didn't care about what anyone else thought."

    She continued, "I was inspired by that because I don't think that's common nowadays. Everyone cares about what's going on, but these guys just didn't, so that's where '2 Poor Kids' came from."
  • The lyrics near the end of the tune demonstrate Ruth's admiration for the children not caring about what everyone thought of them:

    Dollar signs all around us
    We sneak onto the city bus
    Too blinded by what we have to notice
    Your mean old laughs
    And they think it's a shame
    That the world will never know our names
    But I think that's okay
    'Cause love gets ruined by money and power and fame

    And we're just two poor kids from a really rich city
    My oh my, what a pity
    'Cause we've got a love story unlike the rest
    No fancy suit and no fancy dress
    Just us, just us, just love, just love


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