House On Fire

Album: Wake Up Beautiful (2015)


  • This high-powered anthem is the lead single from Ryan Cabrera's Wake Up Beautiful EP. The singer detailed the creation process of the free-wheeling video: "We wanted to tell the story of the song, which is just something that gives you inspiration in a time when you don't feel that inspired," he explained. "Obviously, I didn't get fired in my life, but it was more talking about a time when you're feeling just nothing is going right. It's very easy to get down and feel sorry for yourself. Then, all of a sudden something inspires you."

    "In the video, [I wanted to show] the experience of just going out and the randomness of meeting people - on a fisherman's tour, running into people by yourself, doing something that's outside of the box and all of a sudden feeling alive again," Cabrera continued. "Then, [I'm] running into the girl in the diner and have this awesome time on the beach. That was the spirit of the video. I think a lot of people forget to do things differently, to challenge yourself and do something you're afraid to do or don't do everyday."
  • The video stars Saved by the Bell's Dennis Haskins. "I always put friends in every video that I've had," Cabrera told Pop Dust. "For this one, I knew I need a mom and a dad. So I called a couple of people who I thought would be fun and fans would love to see. he was so stoked. He loved being on set; we had a great time."

    "[Dennis and I] are old karaoke buddies," he added. "I used to do a lot of karaoke back in the day. We met at a karaoke bar and then become really good friends after that."


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