Last Train Home


  • The 2010 album 11:59 was the first major release for the Long Island-raised singer/songwriter Ryan Star, but many of these songs appeared on his 2009 EP titled Last Train Home and found their way to various movies and TV shows. This one appears on the soundtrack to the movie P.S. I Love You.
  • In our interview with Ryan Star, he told us the story of this song: "I'm not a creepy guy or anything like that, but yesterday I was in the park, and I Twittered a picture of these two kids, they must have been tenth grade. And they were lying on the grassy knoll, it was like out of a storybook. And I'm watching them and trying not to be such a perv, but I'm rooting for the kid. I'm like, 'Go for second base, man, you can do it! Go for it! This is your time, this is it!' (laughs) And it was such an awesome thing to see.
    And 'Last Train Home' is that. 'Last Train Home' is the most autobiographical song on the record, but I try not to say that too much because I don't want people to think I'm a bad guy. (laughs) But I fell in love with a girl a bit younger than me, and now as I get older the age difference isn't so hard. But when you're kids, a few years can be the trick. And literally, I use that for inspiration. The mother of this person in the song, she says to me, 'It wasn't the dad that said stay away from my daughter, it was the mom.' Now that we're all cool, she felt slighted that I didn't give her credit. (laughs) Her mom called my mom up and said, 'I'm calling the cops on your son. This is crazy!' But we were sneaking around and having young love and nothing could stop us, and it was pure and it was real, and I was a gentleman. And that was the story behind 'Last Train Home.'"
  • Ryan explained to us that this song was influenced by his girlfriend, Hallie, who he met when she was 15 and he was 20. He said: "The world can come between two people – I wrote a song in my old band called 'The World Has Come Between Us.' And that song was about being with someone and then that thing where if you were living on Mars somewhere alone with this person, you know it would work, you know you'd be perfect for each other. But then you insert life, and you insert work, and jobs, and money, and family and these things, and all of the sudden the relationship doesn't hold up, and it's not strong enough. And you think to yourself, Well, if it was only us, it would be perfect. But that's not how life is. So I had this song 'The World Has Come Between Us' back then, and 'Last Train Home' was almost the opposite. Instead of saying 'the world has come between us,' it was, 'I will wait for you. I will make this work. We will make this work. And we'll grow together. And we're gonna live this life together and we're gonna start now.' So it starts with these kids, it's almost like she's going away to college and they're gonna leave each other for a few years, and then they come back to each other. And that's why it says, 'No lines on her face represent each year that she'd been away,' but the fact is he waited and they got back together, and that was the strong part of that song I love so much."

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  • Loki from New York City, NyThis song is about a guy who is in love with a girl. The girl's father, however, doesn't approve of the guy, and he is telling her that he will always be there for her and that he will be her train home.
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