Boom Boom

Album: Go! Pop! Bang! (2012)


  • Ryeisha Berrain is a rapper from Baltimore, who performs under the name of Rye Rye. A hometown friend of Blaqstarr, she was recommended by the producer to M.I.A. when she was still in her junior year at Dr. Samuel L. Banks High School. Rye Rye toured with the Sri-Lankan/British recording artist during the KALA Tour in fall and winter of 2007, and appeared in M.I.A.'s music video for her hit song "Paper Planes." The following year, she became the first artist signed to M.I.A.'s record label N.E.E.T., imprint of Interscope Records. Her debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, was originally scheduled for release in 2009, but when Rye Rye became pregnant it set in motion a series of delays which prevented the album's release for nearly three years. It was finally dropped on May 15, 2012.
  • This is the third single to be released from the album. It includes a sample from Vengaboys' 1998 hit "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!," which was a #1 single for the Dutch Eurodance group in the UK and several other countries.
  • Directed by Georgie Greville and Geremie Jasper of Legs Media (Selena Gomez, Florence and the Machine, Goldfrapp), the promo mashes up elements from various old-school video games.


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