Take Your Time

Album: Montevallo (2014)
Charted: 20


  • This mid-tempo ballad finds Hunt attempting to pick up a woman. He doesn't want to move fast and come on strong, but he also wants to take up her time.
  • Hunt's half-spoken, half-sung delivery reflects the influence of '90s R&B on him. During an interview with Taste of Country, he recalled that in his younger days, "I listened to guys like K-Ci and JoJo, that '90s R&B thing really caught my ear. R Kelly … Ginuwine, 112."
  • The lines that Sam Hunt directs towards the lady that he is interested in getting to know are inventive and sincere. "I think those interactions between strangers in terms of a guy going up and pursuing a lady or introducing himself or expressing his interest - that can get cliché at times," he said. "It can get kind of sleazy and shallow at times when you think about, especially if it's in a bar or a place that may not necessarily be as romantic as the next."

    "Hopefully, the singer in this song and what he's saying overcomes some of those stereotypes," Hunt added, "and you can see past just a surface attraction and you can see that he's generally interested in this girl who has just completely got his attention."
  • The song was Sam Hunt's second #1 on the Country chart, following "Leave the Night On,"which topped the tally dated November 14, 2014.
  • Sam Hunt penned the song with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally. However, when Hunt and Osborne first came up with the tune, their then-third writer just didn't hear it. "Sam started doing that talking phrasing thing that's happening in the verse, and I thought it sounded really cool," Osborne recalled to Taste of Country. "And our co-writer, the third writer just kinda laughed and said, 'Aww, naw, that ain't gonna work, that's too odd. I don't think we should chase that.' And when that other writer left the room, I said to Sam, 'I really like that. I think that's cool.' I don't typically write that kind of thing, but Sam's voice sounded so good doing that, I said, 'Hang on to that, let's write that with Shane [McAnally],' 'cause we'd written some songs with Shane at that point."
  • The lyrics came from a phrase Osborne already had. "I kinda had a title that I had mentioned to Sam before, which was 'Take Your Time,' he recalled to Taste Of Country. "When you hear that phrase, it typically means go slow or whatever, but I said if it was a guy saying to a girl, 'I'm not trying to take your friends away from you, I'm not trying to do this … I just wanna take your time' — almost like a sales pitch, sort of. So Sam said, 'What if these two ideas were just kinda married together?'"
  • Directed by Tim Mattia, the song's music video tackles domestic violence as we see Hunt witness a fight between a man and his wife before taking on the abusive dude. "I want Sam to surprise people with this video and its darker, grittier edge," said Mattia.

    Tim Mattia is best known for his work with rock acts including You Me At Six ("Bite My Tongue"), Young Guns ("Bones") and Pretty Reckless ("Going To Hell").

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  • Holly Baldwin from State College Pa My husband Bill/i went to the bar every night after work to escape our home full of adult children and much drama. Bill had already planted himself in his usual bar stool. I headed to the outside porch, as i walked through the door, there stood a tall biker, with his leather vest. I don't remember who said "hello" first but he definitely had my attention. His sexy voice, beautiful blue eyes, the scent of cigarettes and beer on his breath (now a turn on for me). Woody was so easy to talk to, i told him about my marriage and how miserable I was. He offered to help Bill/i talk things out. Most guys would see an opportunity to take advantage of the situation ( i wasn't looking either). A few weeks later we saw each other again, i tried to contain my excitement, just could not take my eyes off this guy. He had to leave sooner than expected, as i was going out Woody met me at the door, he handed me a piece of paper with his information on it, it was like being in high school all over again.
    We talked over the next few months, but i was busy with my new job, so not much happened that first year.
    At the time my father was in the hospital, i would often visit Woody and tell him everything going in my life. He patiently listened. Never ever did i think that i would marry this amazing man in 2015.
    We rode with the motorcycle club, through the rain, cold fall nights, stifling hot summer days in many traffic jams. Woody/i were the only couple seen together talking, holding hands and slow dancing. I WAS THE LUCKY ONE!
    On October 17th, 2018, after having dinner with my daughters/grandchildren i received a message "to head home now!" As i pulled into our driveway i saw my best friend, her boyfriend and many others. Just moments later my life was shattered with the news Woody had died in a motorcycle accident. The police explained he had crossed the yellow line and had hit a truck head on.
    So when I hear this song i see Woody leaning against pole outside the cafe. Just TAKING HIS TIME.
    Thank you for this song.
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