Album: The Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual 2008 (2007)
Charted: 12
  • songfacts ®
  • Samim is a Swiss-Iranian dance music producer who is based in Berlin.
  • This was built around an accordion riff from the Colombian folk music track "La Cumbia Cienaguera" by Alberto Pacheco. The Cumbia is a name for traditional Colombian dance music, which is widely known throughout Latin America.
  • Cyril Demian patented the first actual accordion in 1829 in Vienna. It soon became popular in Austria and Germany and was first introduced to America when German immigrants and merchants brought it to the Antilles Islands in the early 20th Century. Pirates and other seafarers from centuries ago are often portrayed playing the accordion many years before it was invented. Prime culprits are the pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and theme-park ride.
  • This was a hit all over Europe. It was most successful in Belgium and Holland, where in both countries it peaked at #6.
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