Reverse Faults

Album: Process (2017)
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  • Here, Sampha expresses his regrets over the way he ruined a relationship by blaming his lover for his own flaws.

    There's a fault in my structure
    It's always you and never me
    I threw the blame and it shattered
    And now there's broken glass praying to be healed

    Sampha explained the story of the song to Genius:

    "It was kind of a fragmented process. It was more through making the beat - I kind of just freestyled. There were certain lyrics, certain things that I said, where I was like, 'Oh that sounds like an interesting concept'. And I built the song around these few words I said.

    'Reverse faults' is like a geological thing, in like the plates, or like in an earthquake. A shift in the fault lines. It was a metaphor talking about some of my own personal faults. I thought it was just a cool way of tying that in. I personified how I always shift the blame on other people as opposed to looking at myself."


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