Anywhere You Want to Go

Album: Santana IV (2016)
  • This is the lead single from Santana IV, the first album with Carlos Santana, vocalist Gregg Rolie, guitarist Neal Schon, drummer Michael Shrieve and percussionist Michael Carabello since 1971's Santana III.
  • Gregg Rolie wrote the track and supplied the vocals. That's also him delivering the organ solo.

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  • Andrew from Melbourne,australiaWell technically correct that Santana III was the last album with Santana, Rolie, Schon, Shrieve & Carabello (and throw in Brown on Bass and Areas on Timbales) but Santana, Rolie, Schon, Shrieve and Areas did go on to make Caravanserai in 1972 (& there was actually a live (named "Live) album in between with Buddy Miles, Santana, Schon, Carabello but this is categorised as a Carlos Santana solo album). After Caravanserai was the infamous split that created the"New Santana Band" which took a more Jazz Fusion approach (largely due to Shrieve's direct influence on Santana and directing him towards Jazz and Coltrane in particular) and also created Journey with Rolie and Schon.
    And the rest as they say is history :-)
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