Put Your Lights On

Album: Supernatural (1999)


  • Everlast wrote this and sang lead. The term "Put Your Lights On" basically means "Watch Out," and is frequently addressed to the "sinners." When Everlast (Erik Schrody) left House Of Pain, he gave up alcohol and nicotine, then converted to Islam. The song has a religious meaning to him, and even includes the Muslim prayer "La Ilaha Il Allah," which translates to "There is only Allah." Everlast wasn't sure if he should leave that part in, but Santana, who is a very spiritual being, wanted it in there.
  • Everlast had a house in the mountains where he could see a city below. He was inspired by the lights that would come on one by one at sunset.
  • In addition to writing this, Everlast also sang and played guitar on this song. >>
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    Jim - Oxnard, CA

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  • Joel from Columbia, ScI shared a room with this guy (at a mental health facility) who wore the cassette tape of this song out. He was fasinated with the killer reference.
    The monster is under my bed and in my head line has always bothered me though I'm not sure why.
    Anyway good song and for the most part I have really enjoyed reading the other comments.
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vawow a powerful song truly
    i luv it
    i've listened to everlast from this song to what its like
    i didnt know it had it had an islam prayer in it that kinda creep
    i bet if you play this song backwards it says
    "im not really muslum" and" i really dont even look a little bit black even though i made a song called black jesus which is funny cuz im muslum right it should black alla"
    yea check it out
    p.s that was a joke!! dont really listen to it backward cuz it'll turn you into stone
  • Trist\'n from Cheyenne, WyThe first time I heard this song was while watching Roswell. I couldn't get it out of my head for weeks!
  • Ben from Little Rock, ArI agree. It is fun to listen to this song during intense thunder storms. Very spiritual. Chilling.
  • Matt from Iglooplutonia, GreenlandThis was the first song Everlast wrote after comming out of a heart attack. He said, "I wouldn't give up this song to anyone, but then Santana came along."
  • Jolene from Melbourne, AustraliaAmazing song, i got shivers the first time I heard it. The guitar from everlast and santana are amazing. Vastly underrated song.
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