The Riot's Gone

Album: Master Of My Make-Believe (2012)
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  • Santigold explained the meaning of this deeply personal jam to Spin magazine: "It's getting out a bunch of anger inside about the death of my dad," she said.
  • The singer admitted to NME, "I'm the least political person I know." Despite this, there is still a political bent to several tracks on Master Of My Make-Believe, including this one. "I connected with all the things that were happening while I was making this album - earthquakes, riots - on a human level, not a political one," she clarified. "I wanted to express how f---ed up everything was."
  • Santigold told Spin that she matched the song's angry emotion with an "epic" sound, layering her vocals, "into my own choir and getting producer Greg Kurstin to play percussion on a glass bottle to match a marimba sound. "It's really grand. It's my way of painting a musical landscape. These songs are multi-layered and ambitious sounding, like a Peter Gabriel epic," she said.
  • The singer elaborated on the song's glass bottle percussion to Billboard magazine: "On this one song, we did a whole section that has a bottle used as the percussion, so there's layers upon layers of Greg Kurstin playing a bottle and literally filling it with different layers of water, and stacking each note. Mixed with a marimba and taiko drums!"
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