Album: Little Voice (2007)
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  • This melodic, introspective ballad is the oldest song on Little Voice. Bareilles told Live Daily that she wrote it when she was about 20.
  • This tells a story about someone who is deeply and passionately falling in love with someone they don't want to fall in love with. As the singer falls more deeply in love with him, she feels herself falling into his gravity every time she sees him. It suggests they are in a very strong but secretive relationship. >>
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  • Bareilles described the song's music video on her MySpace blog, as, "the literal interpretation of leaving Gravity behind."
  • This song featured in the "City Stories" advertising campaign for the clothing chain Banana Republic.

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  • Jfp from IranWhat ever this song mean; I'm listening when I'm sad and imagine that we will never be toghther... but I will love you
  • Dale from Melbourne Kurt Cobain once said songs mean whatever they mean to you.
  • Lynn from Los AngelesSara Bareilles states that this song was about her first real heartbreak.
  • Mary from UsaThis song is about falling in love.... with a forbidden lover. To love so passionately that love is taking over your ability to do what you know is right. You want to leave; to do what's right; but the moment you think you're strong the feelings are undeniable... there's no turning back. But in the end you beg that the lover will turn and walk away...
    You can feel the passion, pain and
    Grief of this broken heart. I know all too well.
  • Bobo from Los Angeles, CaIn So You Think You Can Dance, this song was used for addicition. I do not in any way shape or form discredit what was said here, but if one really wanted to, he or she could interpret it in a different way. In SYTYCD, it works for addiction, and I also associate it with depression. I know it is about heartbreak, but it also could be interpreted in one's own opinion for other things that bring you down and you cannot get away from, no matter how hard you try (i.e. addiciton, depression, etc)
  • Jessie from Arlington, VaOn the special dual CD edition of "Little Voice", she states before the acoustic version that this is a song written about her first real heartbreak.
  • Glenda from Cagliari, ItalyIt's just lovely! Still full of power.
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