Album: Lionheart (2004)


  • '"Lionheart" took a lot of work, said Saxon frontman Biff Byford in his memoir Never Surrender... That is no understatement; it was eight months before it was completed, although to be fair it is not clear if he is referring to the song or to the entire album.

    It is clear though that a lot of thought went into it. Richard the Lionheart is a heavy historical figure, he said, and if you're going to write a song about him it has to be one that's moving, almost like a hymn or a psalm; an anthemic kind of song certainly, a call to arms even.
  • The title track of Saxon's 2004 album is a group composition; running to 6 minutes 4 seconds, it is Track 4.
  • Although Richard Coeur de Lion (1157-99) is best remembered as King of England, he was also a songwriter, his most famous composition was "Ja Nuis Om Pres." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3


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