Album: Say Anything (2009)


  • On Say Anything's 2007 album In Defense Of the Genre, frontman Max Bemis was heartbroken and disillusioned after the ending of a relationship. He's now happily married to Sherri DuPree of the Texan rock band, Eisley, and this is one of several songs on the band's self-titled 2009 album devoted to his new love. Bemis told Alternative Press: "This song is about my wife, Sherri. I wrote this after we got engaged. I wanted to write a love song for her and realized that as I was writing this album, I needed this song to fill the narrative gap between "Mara And Me" to explain this stage where I had dealt with my issues and finally felt self-empowered and was able to meet someone who was not a throwaway person. I'm a screwed up, weird guy, so this song talks about someone who is worth putting in that much effort for because they're right for you. I'm really proud of this song because to me, it's the first pure love song that can be cherished by the person I wrote it for as well as other people. It distils my feelings so accurately about when Sherri and I first started talking that it means a lot to her too. It meant as much to me that she loved it and it I wanted her to love it as much as any other person that heard it. I think that's what makes it so special and innocent. If no one ever heard it and it was a song that I just wrote for Sherri, I would be happy because it would let her know things that I can only express in a song."


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