Still Loving You

Album: Love At First Sting (1984)
Charted: 64
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  • This is a very emotional song of love and pain and wishing for another chance. In our interview with Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker, he explained: "I came up with the composition's melody and everything. It took about six years of trying to get the song somehow on the album. Matthias Jabs came in with the guitar part, and the feeling was immediately right, so Klaus (Meine) noticed it was right. Therefore, he wanted to write something very special. He told me about how one day he went out into the fields in the snow, and it was then that he came up with the lyrics. He came back home and threw them down, and here we are. It's a story about a love affair where they recognized it may be over, but let's try again. It's the old story; always the old story. I mean, what can we use? We can't reinvent the wheel. What we always do, is say something which has already been said many times, in our own way."
  • This was written in crescendo: a calm acoustic start followed by power chords as Klaus Meine sings in a voice full of pain.
  • This song hit the charts all over the world, but it was especially popular in France, where it went to #1. In fact, it was so popular that it may have increased the population of the country. Rudolf Schenker told us: "'Still Loving You,' the song of love, created a baby boom in France. But we didn't believe it, either, you know? We were on a TV show in France between recordings, and the host, a very famous guy that interviews us each year, goes, 'Hey, guys, you know that you are responsible for the baby boom in '85.' We were laughing like crazy! And yes, it's been measured by the government. It's unbelievable, I tell you."

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  • Mo From Mesa from Mesa, ArizonaI am sorry, she won't be back. Whatever you did, it was enough to split you up. You can try everything in the book and then some, she is gone for good.
  • AnonymousI kind of figured that there was a possibility house wrote the lyrics to this song for himself. He had developed vocal nodes and polyps in his throat from years of singing very aggressive hard rock all around the world and he nearly lost his voice in the Years between 1980 and 1983. In fact Don Dokken had to fly to Germany to lay down sub vocal tracks because klaus's voice was still healing. I can't help but think the Klaus had to learn to forgive and love himself for doing the things that have caused him to suffer what could have been a career-ending catastrophe. The depth of Pathos in this song convinces me more than ever that this is the case
  • Jeff from Tampa, FlStill Loving You was our wedding dance song in 1986. A very Rock and Roll wedding. Before Google, so didn’t really know the lyrics or the “breakup” innuendos. Neve read the album lyrics. Just loved the song.
    Still married after 35 years, so wasn’t a jinx!!
  • Jack W from BoiseThis group is more than having a "ringer" to make it right. The Scorpions also have good English clarity.
  • Gary Shifflett from Dundalk Md UsaI’ve been listening to Scorpions since the early 80’s. This band and this song, along with about a million of their other songs are phenomenal! No matter what they are doing, ballads or whatnot, is some of the hardest and most electrifying music which changes my whole state of mind. My daughter, also a huge fan since she had to listen to them growing up, flew me to Florida for there last USA appearance ( row 5 center I may add) and it was incredible! The hair stands up on my neck writing this. If you have any feelings at all and this song doesn’t get you going, check your pulse... you may be dead. Scorpions ROCK!!!!
  • Maryd from Manteca, CaGlad you were listening because most people write the lyrics, I would try to change THE things that killed our love. It might have been written thst way, but he sings, I would try to change things that killed our love.
    But I still love this song!!
  • Jeanette from Spokane WaListen to the acoustic version of this song. OMGGG!! YOU WONT BE SORRY !! Its from their Acoustica concert in Lisbon.
  • Cory Norris from IndianaI’ll be honest. Even Though they’re from Germany. I truly saw the song as meaning and possibility of the Wall in Berlin coming down. I had these thoughts way before Wind of Change. So when I heard the song in the early 80s being from the US. I thought it was the groups way of saying Only Love can bring down the Walls/Wall. Great song regardless. Love can also mend wounds of time and a time of pain unimaginable.
  • Angle from GeorgiaStill love this song and wish my ex could forgive me..I just wish things would be back 20yrs ago this was his favorite song. STILL LOVING YOU. I can make this Love come back for us. May 9, 1982!
  • Alysia from ColoradoI just saw the Scorpions for the first time Tuesday night!! It was an amazing concert!! (This is coming from someone that has seen some pretty good shows) Their music moves me especially this song. I have always loved Klaus Meine's voice and hearing in person proved that it's one of the best!!
  • Tom from BelgiumAmazingly, I just got into this song a few days ago. It's the most incredible, moving, powerful expression of painful love I've ever heard.
    It's a masterpiece of rock music, epic in its dimension of expression, in its tones, timing, phrasing and strings. The full orchestra version is at a higher level yet.
    I noticed a reference to Robert Plant. Curiously, when I first heard, out of the corner of my ear, so to speak, "Still Loving You", I thought that it was a Lead Zeppelin recording. But I now say, in all respect, that Robert Plant and Lead Zeppelin have yet to reach this plateau.
  • Eamon from Motherwell, ScotlandMy best friend Steve from Chicago introduced me to The Scorpions in return for Genesis. As the years went on, I introduced my girlfriend Madge and we have seen them twice now in Glasgow and they were enthusiastically welcomed!
    What would we do without good friends and music being recommended?
    The "Accoustica" DVD is a must as it has one of the best productions and sound quality ever, it is now available in the USA as of a few months ago. Enjoy fellow Scorps fans!
    Eamon, Motherwell. Scotland.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtThis song is phenomenal. I can relate to this so much at this point in my life. I recently found out that my soul mate (so I though) and love of my life is getting married in a couple of weeks. We were so young when we dated and I was naive so I broke his heart twice and four years later (now) I regret everything that happened and wish I could turn back the hands of time. This song is exactly the way I am feeling right now. I wish I could turn back time and make him "trust in my love again."
  • Derek from Auburn, CaThis supposedly was so popular in France it was the craziest thing since Beatlemania.
  • Derek from Auburn, CaI could see Robert Plant singing this song. It sounds kind of like him.
  • Nick from Cleveland, Ohusually not a big fan of power ballads but this song is so calming, how can you not like it, so catchy and alot of hooks
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaI just heard this song for the first time yesterday on the radio. It is awesome!
  • Neil from Sheffield, EnglandI love the chord progression in this song. Very well put together.
  • Ringgo from Montclair, CaThere was a version of this done by the band and featured a virtuoso young violinist whose name escapes me right now. That version gets you sad in no time. great song.
  • Eddie from Natchez, MsLot of pain and feeling in this one.
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaThe band 'Sonata Arctica' do a rockin' version of this. Starts out soft, basically the same and then get's ALOT faster with amazing guitar work aswell. Deffinately worth checking out if you like this song.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxWow. Thats all i have to say. I still get goosebumps while listening to this song. USA sucks, they dont know good music, the music these days is crap. Ehm, GreenDay? Nickelback? just to name a few bands that should have never been. Thats just my opinion though. Im originally from Europe, so maybe i think that way
  • Charbel from SydneyJust like Charles from lebanon said, it hit the charts all over the world, it is just AMAZING and Klaus meine's voice also helps........
    (it makes me cry-remembering my friends in Lebanon when i left them and came to australia)
  • Ed from London, CanadaThis was redone on Moment Of Glory (Featuring the Berliner Philharmoniker [Berlin Philharmonic])
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGreat song off of a rockin' album. Scorps never did get the recognition they deserved here in the states, but I think they rock!!!
  • Lee from Ottawa, CanadaA fantastic song.One of the world's best power ballads for sure!The previous two albums(Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism)got the Scorps more and more exposure in North America,but it was this album,Love at First Sting,that really put them on the map in North America and secured their status as world-wide bona fide super stars of rock
  • Tony from Pasco, WaBest power ballad ever!!!!!!!
  • Conway from Oxford, Msi was thinkin, maybe there's a little E. Germany/W. Germany stuff in there with "your pride has built a wall, so strong that I can't get through." Just a random thought that came to me yesterday. its a frekin awesome song though.
  • Cody from San Antonio, TxMeine's vocals in this song are amazing. This is one of my favorite Scorp hits.
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