High On A Hill

Album: Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies: For Lovers Only (1964)
Charted: 77
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  • This was written by Frank Cariola and A. Mangravito and produced by Cariola. Cariola was a New York-based songwriter who wrote oldies since 1957. While searching for a singer to record this, Cariola discovered English (who was 19 at the time and originally from Brooklyn) and hired him to record it. For backup vocals, Cariola hired a local black male quintet called the Accents (the Accents' lead singer was the falsetto voice that went, "Oooooooooh..."). This was a very unusual teaming, as English was a white Jewish man.
  • This song's initial release was in November of 1963; at that time, it was a flop on account of the assassination of President Kennedy. By March of 1964, it had become a national minor hit and had success in certain regional areas. Although it was only a minor hit nationally, it reached #3 in San Francisco and #1 in Pittsburgh. To this day, it is Pittsburgh's favorite oldie of all time. >>
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  • A.t. Schmalzried from New York City......Friday night: dances/Saturday night:: football games ----- background music: high on a hill!!! ...Pittsburgh was sooooo sweet!!
  • Pam from South Burlington, VtIn memory of Michelle and Bob, your song...
    “High on a Hill”. Think of you every time I hear it. Michelle sang it so beautifully; I can still see and hear you singing it. Surely you must’ve carried this song with you to the other side. Love you always.

    Added note: Michelle, Bob & I all from greater Pittsburgh area: Heidelberg, Collier, Cecil.
  • Joan K from Navarre, FlFrom right outside of Pittsburgh, West Homestead area. Munhall class of 63. One of my favorite songs, but listening to Porky, TL, Mad Mike, how do u pick out a favorite? Went to Bethel, Red Rooster, TL dances in Mckeesport and the Park dances in Munhall. What great times. Might live in FL. but my heart and soul will always be in the "burgh". Play my oldies and have a glass of wine and I'm back in the 60's. What a life!!!!!
  • Linda from Jersey ShoreI lived in Greensburgh and went to the Red Rooster every Friday and Saturday night. Played High on the Hill Radio on Pandora last night for friends on the Jersey Shore. They were all on their phones adding it to Pandora. I remembered this song as a kid. Hail to Pork Chadwick, listened to him every night on my transistor.
  • Marilynn Miskovich Mollner from Tampa, Florida I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hills. Went to Sullys, my favorite. I’ll never forget the wonderful Pittsburgh sound, DJ,s we’re awesome, Pittsburgh Oldies are the best of the best! # ONE !
  • Jaime from Ft. Washington, PaI saw a few people mention Blue Fox - does anyone have pics? I'm looking to put something together for a 50th wedding anniversary for a couple that met there.
  • Melanie from Columbus, OhSo refreshing reading all these comments about a favorite song from my teen years. I grew up in North Hills, class of '69, Vincentian High School. So many happy memories dancing to this song at the "C" on Cumberland Rd and "The Teen Scene" on McKnight Rd. and Danceland in West View. I always wondered why no one outside of Pittsburgh ever heard of this song. Long live Mad Mike, Terry Lee, Jim Quinn in the hearts of us "boomers from the 'burgh."
  • Daniel from PittsburghI heard high on a hill Back in 1968 when I was still in high school and never forget it. It help me do some great back seat driving,it was for lovers. I listened Jim Quinn on KQV at the corner of walk and don't, had some good times at Grove. If you're from the burgh it's a song you'll never forget.
  • Mike from Las Vegas, NvActually, I now live in Las Vegas, grew up in Carroll Twp./Monongahela
  • Mike from Monongahela, PaLooking up The Blue Fox I came across this thread and seeing some of these comments from Monongahela 1968 Grads, makes me wonder who you are? I also listened to TL and attended Blue Fox dances and graduated in 1968.
  • Elaine from Cleveland, OhI lived in Mt. Oliver and graduated from South HIgh in "64. I went to Sully's too. . also the White Elephant, The Grove and Lebanon Lodge. . Anybody remember the "Piano Playboys" from there? DelSardo's on Banksville Road was a favorite as was Terrace Lanes in Chester West Va. High on a Hill was a great song. .. brings back lots of memories. .. Was the "Rooster" the "red Rooster". . I think the Jaggerz played there.
  • Kim from Plainfield, InI NEED HELP !! My sister and her husband will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Their kids are throwing them a surprise party. I have been trying to find something unique and special for them. Something to truly take them back to that time in their life. They met at "The Rooster" As my sister tells it she saw her future husband across the dance floor pointed him out and said "Im going to marry him". They got together that night and were together since (even after he found out shelied to him about her age (she was 14)and my parents found out he wasn't 16, (he was 19). To give them something, anything from the "rooster" to truly take them back would be amazing. If you have anything , or know of someone who does and would be willing tpo part with it , all in the name of love,, I would be forever grateful.
  • Sandy from Enterprise, FlPITTSBURGH FOREVER! ! Who cares if I live in Florida now
    Terry Lee Music for Young Lovers- China Wall =Pork the Tork - Linden Grove dances - Bethel Roller Rink = South Park =
    Yes I graduated from Baldwin Class of 1964. Hi Rick Campbell, my high school sweetheart. Doo-wop always #1
  • William from Las Vegas, ., NvI grew up in Greensburg, Pa and and never forget the Pittsburgh oldies. Now living in Las Vegas, I play all my 45's and the number one for me is High On A Hill. No oldies stations here and I sure do miss them. Who could forget the Red Rooster?

    Bill, Las Vegas

  • Joe from Portage, PaHey Dr. Doo Wop, any self respecting 'burgher remembers what they were doing in the back seat while 'High on a Hill' played on the radio. They were "submarine racing", for sure, usually at the drive-in (Gr. Pgh, Ardmore, etc) or lover's lane, like Thunder Road' in the hollow. It didn't get any better than than.....
  • Raven Andy from Baltimore, MdOne of my favorite Oldies from the Early 60's.
    How this song is not more widely known is beyond me. Oh wait, that's what I thrive on. Loving music that seems to be a secret from the unknowing mainstream.
    This song is easily a 5* in my book.

    What I didn't know was the 'Accents' sang the backing vocals. Cool.

  • Jim from Dover, DeI graduated from Brentwood High in 1967. Our senior prom was held in May of that year at the South Hills Country Club. High On A Hill was one of the last songs played and during that song, love hit hard and deep. It's been MY all time favorite and I got my copy at the National Record Mart in the Whitehall Shopping Center. Played for 43 years now, I'll not ever be without it. Thanks to Scott English for providing this tune to set the tone for memories never forgotten!
    Jim Leech, Dover, Delaware
  • John from Charlotte, NcGraduated from South High in '64, and prior to joining the Navy in mid September, my two favorite songs were High On A Hill, and Remember (Walking In The Sand) by the Shangri-las. These 2 songs & especially "H.O.A.H." bring back many great memories (& some not so good). I do have the 45 but I mostly listen to it on Itzy records "For Lovers Only" (Vol 1)
  • Dr Doo Wop from Pittsburgh, PaI,m an Oldies DJ in Pittsburgh, at all of the dances and parties I do High on a Hill is the number one requested song, (Pittsburgh's National Anthem of all Oldies). Do you remember what you were doing in the back seat while this was playing on the radio in the front ? Yes I remember Porky, TL, Mad Mike, Bob Lavorio
  • Michael from Fort Myers, FlI grew up in Pittsburgh. My family had a High On A Hill 45 and my brother (10 years older than me) would play it when I was an infant because for some reason it would automatically make me cry hysterically. I just looked the song up on this site and was floored to find out it was so big in the 'burgh. I guess that might be why we had the 45! By the way, I love this site!!! And still LOVE PITTSBURGH!!!
  • Jack Stefanick from Pittsburgh, PaAlso from Pittsburgh, Saint Clair Village near Mount Oliver. This song takes me back to all the great times at Sully's in Brentwood. Never missed a weekend at the dance. Really miss all those great songs and girls.
  • Patti from Fredericktown, PaI graduated Monongahela High school 1968.
    Remember the Blue Fox dances and the Grove in Castle Shannon.The TL show was great and High on a Hill a Pittsburgh classic. Love the Oldies!
    Patti. Fredericktown Pa
  • Bruce from Pittsburgh, PaI am from the lower North Side of Pittsburgh. By the time of junior high school I lived in Allison Park(1960's) and attended the Hampton School district. I remember this song being the first dance I ever had with a girl. In fact I still remember her name; Beth Ann Manley. I love this song. Probably my favorite song of that era. Bruce, Allison Park, pa
  • Bill from Boston , MaI've loved this song since it was first released. I was very young then and still have the same warm memories. I never tired of the song "High on a Hill". It was my favorite song of 1964 and one of my favorite songs of all time. I only wish it had been a bigger hit so that others could appreciate it as much as I do.
  • Ed from Kew Garden Hills, Ny, NyMy Wife and I were actually with Scott and his fiance/Wife when he found out that High on a Hill was in the top 40 (I don't remember where on the top 40). The four of us were on a date and I think we were at his/their place when he listened in on the radio and found out.
    Scott, if you read this, hi.
  • Buddy from Pomona , CaIve lived in soutern california all my life - i was a senior in hi-school when this song began being played on the radio - i really liked the 'old-style' rock'nroll melody and arrangement it had - music was becomming 'british-invasion' and when this song came on it had an 'era' all to it'self sounded ''great'' (could hardly wait to hear it again) Buddy-Fox age (62)
  • Dave from Sedona, AzI grew up in Charleroi, PA and remember this song on "Music for Young Lovers". I searched for years and could not find this song. Although I left the Pittsburgh area many years ago, the "burgh" is still in my vocabulary and in my heart.
  • Pat from Houston, Tx How many people from Pittsburgh area we able to attend the Doo Whop 50's PBS Event?
    Does anyone remember "The Grove" or Wheeling WVir dance area or Greensburg-The Rooster to Hardy's Pub?
    Who has a list of all the groups at The Rooster and Hardy's Pub?
  • Patty from Ingram, PaThis is the theme song of the Class of 1971 from Montour High School. I live in Oregon now and the DJ's out here have never heard of the song. This has got to be one of my all time favorites.
  • Margie from Near Pittsburgh, PaI also remember Jim Quinn. We listened to KQV every night. I ran into Jim years later and he acutally remembrerd me. It was great. mb
  • L A H from Pittsburgh, PaJim Quinn played this during his evening shift at KQV. Teenage girls would hang outside his window while he talked of playing kissy face huggy bear on the Mon River. Considered a negative influence by my parents, it is amazing how her tune has changed now that he is a conservative talk show host!
  • Larry from Fort Wayne , InI remember the song well. And while living in Ft Wayne IN I listened to CKLW Windsor. Along with WLS Chicago. In those days there were no decent radio stations in Ft Wayne.The Big 8 as CKLW was called played alot of great music that would never been played in IN. I first heard Night Moves on CKLW in late 77 an AM station. And it was at least 5 months before the FM stations in Ft Wayne caught on. thanks still rocking Larry
  • Toni from Monongahela, PaI attended Carroll Township Junior High at the time this song was played. It was a favorite at the dances. OH the memories. Hey Jo from Portage! TL Sound! Used to go to TL's Night Train Dances. Overlooking downdown- wow miss that sight! Live in Iowa now. None better than the 'bugh' at night! And you are right Colleen -No one here in the Midwest knows the song either.
  • Barbara from Cokeburg, PaI attended Bentworth High School in the 60's in Ellsworth, PA. This song was played at our dances. I also met Terry Lee (TL Sound). He had a contest and my girlfriend won a ride to school with him. Big thing back then. High on a Hill for me was overlooking Uniontown from the mountains and a very special song for my boyfriend and I.
    Barbara, PA
  • Colleen from Pittsburgh, PaI am also from Pittsburgh! I found this site by looking for words and music to "High On A Hill". It brings back bitter sweet memories of those teen years. I have lived in five states since leaving Penn Hills/Pittsburgh and we are unique. I constantly have people saying to me "You're from Pittsburgh!" and I say "How do you know" and the answer is always the same!!! "you all speak a like!" And, no one knows "High On A Hill!"
  • Joe from Portage, PaThis song was played all the time when I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 60's. We had a DJ by the name of Terry Lee who played the 'TL Sound' and 'Music For Young Lovers'. It was a natural for our area as the 'burgh' is surrounded by hills. A friend and I dated girls from Mount Washington at the time, 'High On A Hill' overlooking downtown. I always knew Scott English sang the song, but was unaware that the Accents were the back-up on this song. 'I Give My Heart To You' is a song by the Accents that I like alot too.
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