Album: Space Between the Shadows (2019)
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  • Scott Stapp has a son, Jagger, from his first marriage and a daughter and a son from this second. This promise to his younger son finds the singer vowing not to be like his biological father, who abandoned his family when Scott was five years old.

    I am a son without a father
    He gave his name and walked away
    I am a man, now a father
    And I swear my son, oh
    Will never know that pain
  • "Name" also gives the album its title.

    I will, I will be the space between the shadows
    I will, I will be the light inside the sorrow
    I will, I will...

    Scott Stapp suffered a meltdown in 2014 due to drugs and a struggle with bipolar disorder. He got clean, and Space Between the Shadows commemorates five years of sobriety. Speaking to Jave Patterson of Two Doods Reviews about the meaning behind the album title, Stapp said:

    "'Space between the shadows,' I mean, literally speaking, is light and it's color. For me, this record kind of symbolized finally getting to the other side of the shadows that kept following me and finally waking up one day and seeing the beauty of the world around me, seeing love, feeling love, seeing light, seeing color. I chronicled that journey on this record and it's a story from the first song to the last song about that journey."


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