Me & the Rhythm

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  • This dance jam was co-written by Gomez with Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larsson and Robin Fredriksson. It finds her singing about how music can get you through life's more difficult moments.

    Gomez recalled at the album listening party: "I remember feeling like it gives you that intoxicated feeling. You can't help but move, and the steel drums… I love steel drums. It just kinda happened. I just started writing, and we kinda went into this disco vibe thing."
  • Selena Gomez said of the song in a Genius attribution:

    "Growing up, my dad played Hispanic music and tons of '90s rap. My mom played everything when she was painting or going to a work event that she would take me to. One time I went to a showing for her and all they played was dance music. I was 8 and I lost my mind.

    Whether it was going with my dad when he would DJ weddings or being in the car with my mom while listening to Coldplay for the first time. Music took me to a place where my imagination would go wild."
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