• This song is about world leaders who use propaganda and hate to foment fear, leading to territorial conflict. Napoleon, Hitler and the Roman Empire are just a few examples of what inspired the lyric, which was written by Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser.
  • The video was shot in Israel. The song is not specifically about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, but that is one of many examples of the territorial struggle evoked in this song.

    Paul Rachman, who made the film American Hardcore, was the director. In a Songfacts interview, he explained: "Max [Cavalera], the singer just identified the song with what was going on in Israel, but you could apply it to a lot of places in the world.

    So we just chose that as the backdrop for this particular song, and I tried to be very fair visually in that video, because I realize I can't take sides here. MTV was global at that point, and it's playing on televisions in people's living rooms around the world. This isn't a news thing, so I tried to balance it - if you count the amount of footage of Palestinians and Arabs and Israelis, it's almost even. It was all about the coexistence of these two cultures at odds over land and territory. That was really the idea: to show how they could coexist.

    MTV played it, but I remember MuchMusic in Canada banned it at first. There was a news show on MuchMusic where the issue was brought up and I had to call in to participate. Max and the guys were on MuchMusic live, and I called in to talk about the video and what we tried to do. After that discussion, they started playing it."


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